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The Single Player game mode, or SP as it is often abbreviated, is a game mode where levels are played by only one human player. SP levels usually contain several enemies and non-ammo pickups, like food. Another typical SP level element is a puzzle, or more specifically parts of levels where the player has to think to get through. Single Player levels are usually part of an episode.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 single player

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 comes primarily with single-player levels, and very few multiplayer levels. The original game features four episodes that together contain 24 levels. The Secret Files adds one episode, as do Christmas Chronicles and Holiday Hare '98.

Many people have opined that the difficulty of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 levels is too low even when playing on hard mode. This is often blamed on level design and the higher resolution of the game compared to Jazz Jackrabbit 1.

Other Jazz Jackrabbit games' single player

The Jazz Jackrabbit 3 and Jazz Jackrabbit Advance articles contain some information on the single player modes for these games.

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