Holidaius is a winter-themed planet, and is the focus for Holiday Hare ’94. Holidaius is very festive; there are Christmas trees (complete with tree lights), large candy poles, and an alien Santa Claus (seen in the ending sequence of Holiday Hare ’94).

Holiday Hare ’94 Appearance

Holiday Hare ’94’s four levels were all based on Holidaius. The three main levels took place during the different stages of the day; there was a day/morning level, an evening level, and a (mid)night level. The first level has a secret level in it. The first two levels used Xmas3.psm, which was a hard rock remix of classic Christmas carols (e.g. Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls). The last and also the secret level used a calm version of Silent Night.

Holiday Hare ’94 Enemies

Holidaius levels had the following enemies:

  • Giant blue bulldogs, requiring to be shot three times
  • Zombie hands that appeared out of floor and ceiling

Level three used flying demons instead of the bulldogs.



There is a conversion made by Violet CLM, which has all of the animations from the original tilesets plus some more tiles:

  • Vines and hooks.
  • A textured background.
  • Destruct and Buttstomp Scenery.
  • Eva, Santa, Christmas trees and Zombie Hands’ animation.
  • Arrows and signs.
  • All three versions of the tileset with the same features.
  • Violet also added the original “Craig is a doofus” text, but also added a customized version of it saying “Violet is a codfish”.

Another conversion was made by Gus, it achieved a rating of 6. (Violet’s conversion had a much higher rating of 8.8)