Jazz Jackrabbit has visited many planets in Jazz Jackrabbit 1, like:
  • Fanolint
  • Holidaius
  • Industrius
  • Jungrock
  • Lagunicus
  • Letni
  • Marbelara
  • Medivo
  • Muckamok
  • Nippius
  • Orbitus
  • Pezrock
  • Raneforus
  • Scraparap
  • Stonar
  • Sluggion
  • Technoir
  • Tubelectric
  • Turtemple
  • He has visited ships and space stations too, like Devan’s Megairbase and the Twin Mega Battleships.

    Each planet is located in a different area of the galaxy, and each have a different look. Many of the planets have been invaded by the Turtle Terrorist; and your mission is “cleanse” them of baddies. Others, like Deckstar or Dreempipes are giants refineries or hideouts from Devan Shell. But others, like Raneforus, are planets with wild life; where Jazz is missing and must find the way to escape safe.