Jazz Level Start

Jazz Level Start is a JCS Event which is used to specify the location(s) where the player’s character spawns if he is Jazz Jackrabbit. If the player’s character is Spaz, and there are no Spaz Level Starts, the player will not spawn at a Jazz Level Start but at the default start location (see below). If there are multiple Jazz Level Starts, the game alternates between them.

This event is not compulsory in single player. If no start location is specified the player falls into the screen at coordinates 5,-1. Do note that this only happens if there is no tile at 5,1 to block his path.

This event can be modified to have Team as a parameter.
h3(#h-1). JCS details

Parameter Default Range Description
Pos 0 0 – +15 ?
Team 0 0 – 1 ?