List of Useful Party Mode Downloads

There are a couple of downloads every Jazz Jackrabbit player should obtain. At the moment there is only one download that is mandatory to make the online party mode work. That download is the 1.23 game patch. Other downloads on this page can be useful additions.


Game patches

At this moment there is only one official game patch available. This patch is meant for users of version 1.20 and higher of the full version of Jazz Jackrabbit2. If you have The Secret Files (1.24), you do not need this.

A community-created add-on/patch for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, JJ2+, fixes many bugs and adds many features to the game. It works for 1.23 and 1.24.

List server patches

Until the start of 2006, list server patches were obligatory. However Epic games has restored the link between the game and one of the servers that keeps track of the list of current games. If connection issues remain, there are alternative list server patches available.

Note: if you get error messages about version when running the patch, try if the following forum topic clears things up: Versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and why patches don’t work.

Internet links

This patch is only optional but it enables Jazz Jackrabbit internet links. These links are used to let users join online games by clicking links on websites.
  • Internet link patch – If you want to launch JJ2 from scripts like gip.php you will need to apply the patches in this document. The registry patch will associate jazz2.exe with the appropriate file extension.


Hosting tools

Note 1: The game is able to effectively host servers without the need for any of these programs to be run, but many people use them due to the very useful features they provide. These are ONLY meant for hosting games.
Note 2: Most of the useful features that these programs provide are already built into JJ2+ (see above). Unlike JJ2+, these programs must be run along-side JJ2. Still, some people might prefer them.


  • JazzTool is a launcher that can be used to set player information as well.
  • XJJ2 is an outdated launcher.
  • JazzForce is a launcher with many options.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Jazz Commander – Keep track of your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 files easily.
  • Jazz 2 Organizer – This is another program to order all of your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 files.
  • TilesetPal – If you create a tileset and find the 256 colour limit restrictive, TilesetPal can optimize the pallete of your tileset to take full advantage of it.