Queen Boss

The Queen Boss is the first endboss encountered during the singleplayer JJ2 campaign, and most likely the easiest. She appears in Knight Cap, the second level of the Formerly a Prince episode.


The Queen is Eva Earlong‘s mother, and therefore Jazz’s mother in law. She put him in the jail right after Devan Shell interrupted the wedding and stole Eva’s diamond wedding ring. Later on, she fights Jazz and Spaz as they escape the castle dungeon to track down Devan. The Queen appears in the unfinished intro movie by Noogy and Nick Stadler’s JJ2 comic, both of which are showing the wedding. However, she doesn’t appear in the ending cutscene, where Jazz marries Eva again.


The Queen has a behavior like no other. She stands still in her place, occassionally screaming at the player and pushing him/her to the left (the Queen always faces the left direction) or stomping the floor to make bricks fall from the ceiling. She’s different from most of the bosses, as she doesn’t have a health bar (unlike she did in two of the beta versions, namely v1.00g and h) – the player must shoot her so she falls down a ledge she’s standing on. To defeat her, one must shoot her when she’s screaming or stomping, because then her shield doesn’t protect her body fully. She requires three non-powered up Blaster shots to move several pixels to the right, therefore her health depends on the length of the ledge.

How to use

It is vital that the Queen falls down on a Red Spring event placed one tile next to the ledge’s end, otherwise she will fall down the level and thus the player will have to type jjnxt cheat code in order to continue, because the level will not end.

Endboss Statistics

  • Non-powered up blaster shots needed to kill: N/A. Look at the Behavior section.
  • Points awarded: 0
  • Speed: Immobile. When the Queen is shot though, she will slowly move several pixels to the right.

JCS Details

Parameter Default Range Description
EndText 0 0-15 Number of the text string displayed after boss dies