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Torkell (formerly BoggyB)

Greetings, visitor. Welcome to my user page. The layout here is shamelessly taken from Fl@$h aka BlewMeUp (aka sers), but is improved and contains less HTML. Go Textile!

You probably won’t find much personal information about me here, but you may find other stuff like a list of notable ERE contributions by me and of course randomness. Randomness is good.

Personal information

Did you know that… I was the second to create a user page here? Unfortuantly Fl@$h beat me to it.


Well, can’t really think of much to put here. I’m at university doing a computing course, I still play JJ2 from time to time, and I even made a couple of test levels for it once. I don’t think they exist anymore – they probably got lost in one of the many Windows reinstalls and computer changes. Not that they were anything special anyway, just one level to show off the sugar rush and one to show off the different Weapons in JJ2. Oh, and I’m pretty good at fixing computers, mainly because I seem to be pretty good at breaking them in intersting ways.

Online identities

On just about everywhere I’m Torkell, but I used to go by the name of BoggyB (and still do, in places). Well, there’s one exception to that, but I blame Nintendo for not letting you change your nickname. Fools.

My main haunts are the JCF and the un4seen forums. Note that there is or was another Boggy B around at one point over on the JCF. I’m not him, but it was a bit confusing when I first posted on the JCF having people go “Welcome back Boggy!”.

I don’t hang around #jj2, not being an IRC person (and not having been bothered to find a good free IRC client (I seem to remember mIRC being shareware of some sort). But who knows? Maybe one day I’ll give in to the dark side of the Intraweb, and download an IRC client.

Hmm, well I tried the web client that’s there for the purpose of using #jj2 and #jazz2online, and I rather like the cgi:irc client there. I’m very tempted to install it on a box here and grok IRC through that, rather than download mIRC. Shame the script doesn’t like Windows/IIS. In any case, you’re likely to see more of me around there, where I’ll either be idling or indulging in randomness. In a random fashion, of course. It wouldn’t do to be too predictable. For example, you won’t see me sign in as “BoggyB”. Oh no, you won’t.

Notable ERE entries

I think I was the third user to start contributing heavily to the wiki (first two being the mad admin FQuist and the identity-confused Fl@$h aka BlewMeUp aka Sers aka Sers), but I’ve yet to add as much as them in terms of content. There are a few articles which were mostly contributed to by me though. I tend to fix mistakes more, and spot typos in weird places (like the anonymous coward page).

These entries were either created or heavily contributed to by me:

And of course the good ol’ bug page, where I have the honour of being responsible for the longest debate over a bug so far (it was so long that it got moved to the discussion page!). However, that debate has been eclipsed by the ones currently running on the style manual pages, where I have attempted to introduce democracy to the system (and have had that idea nabbed by the local mad admin).

Oh, and I’m entirely responsible for the abnomination and waste of space that is chéz BoggyB, but you should have worked that one out by now.

Sites ‘n’ links


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