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This is my userpage. Yippie.


I’m Frank Quist, a 20-year old male from the Netherlands. Interests include politics, the environment, friends and of course Jazz Jackrabbit. I’m a little bit too addicted to wikis and the community in general, but I’ve got quite some side activities too. I like to inform myself on politics (mainly world politics) and talk about it and I go out with friends. I also play the piano.

Community contributions

  • The original founder of this site, Jazz2Online, along with Ovi Demetrian/GraphixJJF, and also the head administrator. I’ve contributed a lot of coding and work on maintaining this site. This wiki was also entirely coded by me. I also do a lot of maintenance to this section.
  • Admin at the JazzJackrabbit Community Forums and one of the original founders of that forum, when the JMMB died. Former JMMB admin.
  • Founder of J2LC, a now mostly inactive level group that used to be one of the most active and popular.
  • The now dead Unofficial Daily Carrot site was in the end maintained by me, and earlier on I was co-maintainer.
  • Past co-owner of the #JJ2 chat channel, until I stepped down for a variety of reasons.
  • Programmer and main admin of the (half-broken) present-day jcsREF, the site originally made by Onag. Most of the work for the site is not actually done by me, but by Violet.
  • Organiser of the first international JJ2 meeting

Notable ERE entries

I haven’t really got any really good ERE entries, partly because I’m not a great writer. It’s hard for me to make articles flow, which makes most of my articles smaller than others, since it’s hard for me to describe things. I’ve contributed a lot to the following entries (* indicates that the entry was originally created by me):

I’m also the user with the most edits on this wiki. Of course I had an unfair advantage since I was the first to start here, but I generally do a lot of edits to put everything into the right categories, and to keep everything in the same style. I have operator powers for this wiki – if there’s a dispute or problem you have you can send me a private message at any time.