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CrimiClown [krĭ-mε-klôn] (m) (sometimes better known as Frost or FroZt) is a member of the Jazz Community Forums as well as Jazz2online. He has joined J2O early 2003, but only discovered the JCF much later, in 2005. He has minor importance and input on both the JCF and J2O, though he claims otherwise. He is best known for being part of the BrainFart project, started by ThunderPX.

Early Life

Back in 2003, CrimiClown started out as a simple level maker. Levels as “CrimiClown’s Online Adventure” and “Devan Stole Christmas” (both which are no longer available on J2O) were uploaded under this name. The reviews (though it were only a few) told CrimiClown to fix up his levels (mostly eyecandy-wise. After making Have A CrimiClown Christmas he has only released levels with bigger periods of time inbetween them.


The BrainFart project, originally started by ThunderPX, was a project to get the community involved in a series of comics. CrimiClown has ‘hi-jacked’ the topic and made a quick spree of comics about LittleFreak, Fawriel and himself. These three later became known as the Friendship Gang, due to a reference by n00b. The project became quite popular in a short time, but only to die out later. Several attempts were made to resurrect the project, but all failed. Over 150 comics were made, all with a ‘wink’ towards our community. Most of them are lost due to the durability of Imageshack links.

Back into the clanlife

On November 5th 2005, CrimiClown posted a notice on the JCF:

And indeed I am back! I have no clue what todays clans are like, so, POST YOUR ADVERTISEMENT HERE!

Disclaimer: I might join.

The Legend is Back![/brag]

It is still unclear why CrimiClown is ‘back’ and why he once was a ‘legend’, but he got to join a clan anyway. Out of nowhere, almost every clan posted an immediate invite. The only one who declined him (BlurredD: “I don’t have spare time now.”) was also the one who, only half an hour later, accepted him into the [si] clan. Not much later, CrimiClown climbed the rank ladder and became ‘Semi-Moderator’.


Fate wanted CrimiClown and DarkSonic to end up in the same class. Once they both got to know eachother, lots of collaborate works were made. The first one was a level named TITLED, a battle level with weird gimmicks and odd gameplay. Short after that, TITLED Deux was made, another odd and gimmicky level.
“Very fun level, but a little too gimmicky for my tastes.” ~PurpleJazz


  • CrimiClown is known as crimi[si] when playing online. He also hosts a server occasionally as crimi[srvr]. The server is part of the Zeal team, called Zeal Omega.
  • CrimiClown has been known to lose every tournament he has ever participated in. Some even say he does so on purpose.
  • CrimiClown once was ‘King of Forum Games’. In essence, that meant he always had ‘The last post’ in every forum game topic.
  • Haggis McHaggis is CrimiClown’s little brother. He later became officially acknowledged through the SuperCrimi Adventures, made by Radium. Other than that, Haggis is credited for the Dreams of the Jackrabbit series, a few short levels containing odd stories.
  • Cheese is green on Tuesdays
  • On a hidden page in the End Bosses section of J2O, it is said CrimiClown knows too much.
  • CrimiClown is never satisfied with a wiki entry page.