Threed Realms

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25 Dec 2023 at 22:27 (Minor update on 18 Jan 2024)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Single player
Original layout, map art, and all non-clown enemy designs and other theming from Earthbound. Music from Earthbound, remixed by Mazedude. Mez03 tileset by Mez. Clown enemy originally drawn by MoonBlazE. Trashcan drawn by Bean. Cars drawn by Chiyu. Melee Sword and Lock-on Missile weapons by Szmol. Laser Blaster weapon by PurpleJazz. Voranj weapon sprites from Megaman X series, inspired by Axiom Verge. Several gimmicks inspired by Stardust Speedway and Sonic Frenzy Adventure. Puppet enemies vaguely inspired by skeletons from Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. Fast travel inspired by Aquaria. One sound effect from Rayman series. Tested by Blackraptor.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
ThreedRealms (12.38 MB)

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ThreedRealms.j2l Threed Realms 137.07 kB 18 Jan 2024
Mez03a.j2t MEZ03a 42.69 kB 17 Jan 2022
BoogeyTent.j2a 9.39 kB 24 Dec 2023
LaserBlaster.j2a 3.88 kB 18 Jul 2019
lockOnMissile.j2a 3.83 kB 22 Aug 2020
SkullGem.j2a 12.79 kB 22 Nov 2019
sword.j2a 19.98 kB 19 Jul 2019
Threed.j2a 68.27 kB 15 Dec 2023
weaponVMega.j2a 32.08 kB 07 Apr 2023
EB_Battling_Organs_OC_ReMix.mp3 EarthBound "Battling Organs" OC ReMix 4815.28 kB 23 Nov 2023
EB_Valley_Gremlins_OC_ReMix.mp3 Valley Gremlins 2412.00 kB 23 Nov 2023
EB_Zombie_Lounge_OC_ReMix.mp3 EarthBound "Zombie Lounge" OC ReMix 4212.22 kB 13 Sep 2020
ThreedRealms.j2as 98.85 kB 18 Jan 2024
ArtificialArrow.asc 1.81 kB 18 Aug 2020
LaserBlaster.asc 3.52 kB 22 Aug 2019
lockOnMissile.asc 5.68 kB 22 Aug 2020
meleeSword.asc 8.34 kB 10 Nov 2023
MLLE-Weapons.asc 47.25 kB 08 Apr 2023
SEweapon.asc 14.07 kB 08 Apr 2023
Threed.asc 49.37 kB 18 Jan 2024
weaponVMega8.asc 3.20 kB 29 Nov 2022
BurgerBooth.png 3.11 kB 23 Dec 2023
ThreedMap.png 6.69 kB 25 Dec 2023
f_laser1.wav 15.93 kB 18 Jul 2019
f_laser2.wav 20.05 kB 18 Jul 2019
f_laser3.wav 26.01 kB 18 Jul 2019
f_laser4.wav 29.98 kB 18 Jul 2019
lock-on.wav 97.14 kB 22 Aug 2020
sfx_lumking_picked.wav 88.17 kB 03 Dec 2020
MLLE-Include-1.6w.asc 24.49 kB 18 Jan 2024
ThreedRealms-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 42.31 kB 18 Jan 2024


OCT 31 = DEC 25

You’re traveling west from Fourside to Twoson, but between them is the town of Threed, and unfortunately, it seems to be haunted. How are you going to get through the world-famous Two-Three tunnel to continue your westward journey?

Yet another level originally meant for a Halloween collaboration that didn’t work out. The main design elements were non-linear collectathon gameplay, and Melee Sword as the main weapon. Those survive here, though gold coins replace some of the collectables.

Optimized for local single player at 800×450, other resolutions also supported but less optimal. Local splitscreen co-op is supported but some things are dummied out. Online play is not recommended at this time.

reupload: more guns on easy, more skyrunner enemies on hard, less buggy pogo punks, minor eyecandy tweaks, one new shortcut, new use for hint bunny after you find all the coins


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Quick Reviews Average: 10

RecommendedDragusela rated 10

Absolutely amazing.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 10

Its amazing how even though this being in 2d, it still captures the feeling of threed in earthbound.

RecommendedPrimpy rated 10

Not much else to say other than "Masterfully done!".

In a way, I'm glad that this was released separately from the Halloween collaboration in question as it would've likely overshadowed the other levels (assuming said collab will be finished at some point).

Highly recommending this level.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.5

RecommendedReview by minmay

26 Dec 2023, 02:47 (edited 26 Dec 23, 02:49)
Turtle Goon (57 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%

A beautiful premise with beautiful execution, Threed Realms looks small, then unfolds to be bigger than you ever imagined.
One striking setting and song become several, the new enemies are tricky and cleverly placed, and a ton of checkpoints and shortcuts prevent tedious backtracking.
Replacing the Blaster with the shorter-ranged Melee Sword really changes how you want to approach enemies, and it's a twist that stays fun throughout the whole level.
My favorite part is the boss battle. It's readable without feeling trivial or unfair, and it's really fun to swing at.

With original gameplay, lovely presentation, and the most groan-inducingly punny title I've read in a while, you don't want to miss this level.

All that said, I'm not gonna try to find the remaining 3% of the skulls. I spent enough time looking for skulls back in Monster Bash…

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