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 Relaxing huh? :)

   A group of friends persuaded me to hike up
Quicksilver, a small park of
 a hill near where I live (friends can make
you do such weird things).
 Majestic towering conifers and such.. guess it
impressed me enough to
 write a song :)  At the top of the hill, there's  a
ledge for
 sightseeing.  But, instead of taking home a beautiful view of a
 I got a beautiful view of the neighborhood.  I realized that this
hill is
 the only obstacle stopping the city from eating up the entire
coast.  Of
 course, even this won't really stop us - "In Memory of

   Ok, now for some musical notes:  It's amazing what 3 simple
chords can
 do (chords are so strong in slow songs!).  Even the slightest
change can
 change the mood of the song.  This kind of power seams to be
lost in fast
 paced techno.  Oh yea, be sure the bass boost on your
speakers are way
 up!  I only gave the bass one channel - juz cleaner that
   Like the instruments?  Most are from me, but if you think that
 would be perfect for your own song, pleez use em!  Music is more
important than silly copyrights.  Just remember to release it for the
of us to hear :)

   Thanks goes out to pulse for his amazing creation,
Impulse Tracker and
 being such a kewl dude all round!  Airon, who taught
me how a slow song
 can blossom beautifully.  Spassky, who's always up for
a game.  Chip
 Davis, whose music opened my mind to the the possibilities
of the piano.
 And the local radio station KSJS who dares to play the
 electric dark wave industrial music that I love.

 Music around
the world.  Noisy planet.

 \/  \/                             
 /\  /\
[January 18, 1999]
<>  (All
comments appreciated :)

|###| Instrument Name            |###| Sample Name                |
|001| DRM Dip                    |001| DRM Dip                    |
|002| DRM Snare Fresh            |002| DRM Snare Fresh            |
|003| CYM Tap Out                |003| CYM Tap Out                |
|004| CYM Hash                   |004| CYM Hash                   |
|005| EFX Clap!                  |005| EFX Clap!                  |
|006| EFX Chop Stik Echo Ext     |006| EFX Chop Stik Echo Ext     |
|007| GTR Bass Gentle            |007| GTR Bass Gentle            |
|008| SYN Bass                   |008| SYN Bass                   |
|009| GTR Puk                    |009| GTR Puk                    |
|010| VOC Tohc                   |010| VOC Tohc                   |
|011| SYN Pluck Cute             |011| SYN Pluck Cute             |
|012| PNO Classic Tinker         |012| PNO Classic Tinker         |
|013| PNO String Mix             |013| PNO String Mix             |
|014| PNO Alto                   |014| PNO Alto                   |
|015| SYN Bella                  |015| SYN Bella                  |
|016| SYN Bell Voiced            |016| SYN Bell Voiced            |
|017| FLU Poofy                  |017| FLU Poofy                  |
|018| FLU Pan Flute              |018| FLU Pan Flute              |
|019| VOC Hooooooh               |019| VOC Hooooooh               |
|020| SYN Free Choir             |020| SYN Free Choir             |