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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Episode 4: Gene Machine PT32 Single player 7.5 Download file

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This was actually one of the easiest packs for me to release, since I had
already uploaded Turtemple and Nippius to J2O, and Jungrock 1 and the boss
were already done. As a result, I really only had Jung 2 to finish when I
got here to Episode 4. So I might be surprising you by uploading this one
so quickly after Rabbit's Revenge. Don't panic; I didn't do anything less
than 99.9999% Jazzically accurate in this pack. It's all (hopefully!) good.

Levels contained herein:

Turtemple 1--------------------4-1turt1.j2l
Turtemple 2--------------------4-1turt2.j2l
Nippius 1------------------------4-2nipp1.j2l
Nippius 2------------------------4-2nipp2.j2l
Nippius 3 (secret level)-------4-2nipp3.j2l
Jungrock 1----------------------4-3jung1.j2l
Jungrock 2----------------------4-3jung2.j2l
Jungrock Guardian------------4-3jungboss.j2l

A matching song and tileset for each comes with it.