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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Cooperative (Try 2)Featured Download Violet CLM Custom / Concept 8.6 Download file

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You just downloaded a Co-operative level. You may not know what this means,
so I shall tell you.

In a co-operative level, you need more then one player (In this case, 2
works fine) on the same computer. You know, split screen co-operative.
Forget about internet play for a while. :P With your friend's aid, you must
navigate through the level. Or you can just take turns controlling both of
the players. Hint: Do not go near a scenery trigger crate if the other
player is about to destroy it.

2unlimit.mod (Music)
Coop1.j2l (Level)
Coopreadme.txt (Readme)
Hocus03.j2t (Tileset)

The tileset was created by Greenkiller, and the level by Violet CLM. Have a
nice day.