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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Frozen Land Enigma Capture the flag 7.8 Download file

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ok, i don't make a level very often, so i might as well add a readme. this
level is about the same as the one i sent in for stripe's ctf level
contest, i just removed a few bugs in this one (thanks Cell :D). The level
uses the tileset "Winterland Wonders" (made by Disguise). The zip file
includes the custom music as well, so that shouldn't be a problem. In the
unlikely event that you want to add it to a loop for a ctf server, just ask
me the pass.

it is the first ctf level i ever got to complete, all other attempts to
make one failed because of my infinite lazyness. So don't expect high
quality stuff, i just tried to make the level look ok. now go play it
(filename in the home cooked list is EnFrozen), enjoy it... or try to enjoy
it... or at least pretend to enjoy it :D, and review it at J2O!!

Frozen Land is Enigma 2002. Don't steal it or i will send my flock of rabid
chickens to punish you :-)