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* A S T R O N I A     U P G R A D E     L E V E L  :  M U C K A M O     M A
Y H E M *

Hi, AstroniA here

This file is an upgrade of my Hilly Pastures Pack level 3 (Muckamo Mayhem).
The original
level used a tileset modified by me, called "Jazz 2 fixed tileset". This
tileset was _NOT_
masked properly, and therefore the level Muckamo Mayhem suffered from a few
bugs. :(

That's what this archieve is for. The original Muckamo Mayhem suffered too
much from the 
"getting stuck in walls" bug which came from the tileset's poor masking.

The new version uses my updated Christmas Pack 2 tileset which has
better-masked Muckamo
tiles in it. Getting stuck in walls is a _LOT_ less likely, if possible AT
ALL, to happen 
now. *un-blush* :)

This level has gone through a bit of changes. Here's a listing of all of

*) Level is no longer part of the Hilly Pastures pack. I decided to include
it differently
for reasons that will be mentioned below.

*) Level is no longer "multi-mode", i.e. it's a Battle level now, it
doesn't support CTF 
and Treasure play. It isn't practical for the two latter modes, so I
removed all events 
relating to them. (Also why it isn't part of the HP Pack. The HP Pack was a
level pack)

*) More Guns and Ammo. (Replaces former CTF and Treasure Events)

I decided to release this level only, rather than all four from the pack.
It's more logical,
and much smaller too.

Unzip these files in your Jazz 2 directory. Delete the file HPPACK3.J2L if
you have it.

Please see blahblah.txt in for more info on the individual