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TSF Only: Battle, Treasure and... sonic rhsp Multiple 5.5 Download file

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level name=Lab Rats in Labrat
Filename: Lab3.j2l.
Author: Speed Maker.
Level type: Single Player.
Password: [None]
First played: 31 December 2002.
Rating: 8,8 for myself
Weapons: Good.
Enemies: Normal
Boss: A Robot Boss.
Layer: 240x64.

This is my Second Single Player level. My other new levels were:

Name                        Filename                   Layer               
 Tileset             Type       Password

Return of the Tube  Battle4.j2l     200x64       Tube Electric        
Battle       tub
The lab`s Treasure  Lab2.j2l        200x70         Labrat 3             
Treasure           none
Carrottus Treasure Arena new treasur.j2l  200x70  Carrottus 1 Night   
Treasure    none
Collapsing Destructions  Collapse.j2l      50x50        Tube Electric Night
    Race       none 
Long but fun            singl.j2l                  200x64          
Carrottus 1      Single Player  none
Lab Rats in Labrat     Lab3.j2l             240x64            Labrat 1     
      Single Player      none

If you want, you get all this levels with readme files for them.


-Maybe I`ve put a too good Bonus in the level.

-There are no Gem Stomps in this level.

-This level was the biggest in kb of my new levels so far.

-My other levels or not here anymore.

-I had so much levels but some of them were very stupid.

-I never had made a Single Player level in the previous 25 levels I have

-I hope you enjoy this levels.