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NeoAntiCrash Version 1.4


NeoAntiCrash (NeoAC) is a program intended to help secure Jazz Jackrabbit 2
against the most severe hack attemps that usually end up crashing the game.


Jazz Jackrabbit 2 version 1.23


Place NeoAC.exe and NeoAC.dll in your Jazz2 folder.  These files need to be
the same folder as Jazz2.exe.


Run Jazz2.exe
Run NeoAC.exe


This is not guaranteed to prevent your sever from crashing, although that
the main goal and intent of this program.  Moreover, this is the first
of this software, so there may be bugs, and a less-than-ideal interface.

Change Log

Version 1.6
 * Possible fixes/improvements when dealing with the local player.
 * Removed the [NeoAC] messages that were showing in the game.
 * NeoAC now searches for a window with the DDWndClass class name if it
   find Jazz2.exe running (in case the executable was renamed).

Version 1.5
 * Fixed NeoAC so that it does not break teamchat.

Version 1.4
 * Console output is now available for Windows version 95/98/Me.

Version 1.3
 * Weapon regeneration (repawn) is now built-in.
 * NeoAC now displays output in the game window.

Version 1.2
 * Improved recognition of fake chat.
 * Better checking for garbage packets.
 * Added an automatic block for hacking IPs.  The block will remain in
   until you restart NeoAC.
 * Possible but untested protection from laser crashes.

Version 1.1
 * Fixed JJ2 from freezing on a bad chat packet.
 * Added support for Win9X. (untested)


Created by Jeffrey Lindsey (Monolith)
Adopted from code created by Neobeo