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Readme file for the Five Nooby Races levelpack


One day when I was pretty bored I opened JCS and found a few race levels
that I'd made long ago but never uploaded. Having visited J2O once a month
or so,
without seeing many race uploads, I decided to upload these. At first it
was going 
to be a pack containing only two races (Ancient Raceway and Thunder
Highway), but since
I'm obsessed with too big packs, I searched through my level files for
another race level. 
I also made a new race level, and edited one of the races from the
"Saphir's First Racepack"
pack I uploaded long ago.
All the levels are possible to beat with both Jazz and Spaz, and also,
although not quite as
easily, with Lori. However, some levels might be biased in one way or


The zip should contain following files:

fnr1.j2l  - Evercold Glacier
fnr2.j2l  - Ancient Raceway
fnr3.j2l  - Thunder Highway
fnr4.j2l  - Survival of the Fastest
fnr5.j2l  - Deep Blue Space

FNRReadme.txt  - this readme file

Azworld.j2b                    - music file - by AlienZoul
Hyperlite-no_fate_for_chip.xm  - music file - by Hyperlite
Bonus.s3m                      - music file - from Jazz Jackrabbit
Aztec.j2t         - tileset - by Blade
Jazz1Nippius.j2t  - tileset - by Violet CLM (Jazz Jackrabbit conversion)
SurGal.j2t        - tileset - by Saphir
New_Starlit.j2t   - tileset - by Saphir


Evercold Glacier (fnr1.j2l)

One of my older levels. At first, I wasn't going to add this to the pack,
on the account of
being very annoying at times, but I decided to add it anyway, since I
enjoyed playing it.
Tileset: Jazz1Nippius.j2t by Violet CLM
Music: freeze.j2b by Epic

Ancient Raceway (fnr2.j2l)

One of the races I originally intended in this pack. I personally like this
race very much,
even the eyecandy (which my levels usually don't have at all).
Tileset: Aztec.j2t by Blade
Music: Hyperlite-no_fate_for_chip.xm by Hyperlite

Thunder Highway (fnr3.j2l)

The second of the races originally in this pack. At first, this race was
very different from
the current state, having a lot of warping floors. This got annoying fast,
and I changed the
race quite drastically, making it longer but easier.
Tileset: Tube.j2t by Epic
Music: Tubelec.j2b by Epic

Survival of the Fastest (fnr4.j2l)

I made this level a short while before uploading the pack, after a year or
so away from
JJ2. It basically allows whoever is in the lead to gain quite an advantage.
Tileset: New_Starlit.j2t by Saphir
Music: Bonus.s3m by Epic (JJ1 music)

Deep Blue Space (fnr5.j2l)

This is a remake of a level from my first race uploaded racepack. In the
original state, 
alot of people seemed to dislike the ending (me too frankly, after I
thought about it) but
like the level overall, so I brushed up that and gave the whole level a
facelift. This is 
the result.
Tileset: SurGal.j2t by Saphir
Music: azworld.j2b by AlienZoul

*Random Stuff*

You may use and distribute these levels as you wish, as long as you give me
Credit for the tilesets and music should probably be given to those who
made them.

Thanks go to: The people who made the tilesets (apart from mine) and music.
They rock!
              Epic Megagames, for making the game and some of the
              You, for downloading this pack and reading this readme!

Five Nooby Races  by Saphir, 2006
Long live afternoon tea!