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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Dino StationFeatured Download Wakeman Single player 8.9 Download file

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         BY Wakeman

Dino Station is my 3rd Single Player level.  I originally created it for
Blackman's new episode, but nothing ever came out of that.  I worked on
this level off and on for half a year.  Even so, the level is small because
I don't have much time for level-creating and I work on small details for a
long time so that everything is perfect.  However, despite the small size,
I think it could take you a long time to finish the level.

I used loads of eye candy in Dino Station.  I am obsessed with eye candy. 
I see so many levels with bad eye candy that I just had to show people how
much eye candy you can put in a level, even if it uses a custom tileset
with limitations.  Needless to say, I used all 8 layers.  I have even
noticed that the level is a little choppy when you play it in certain

My other two levels, Peach Beach and Carrot Cream, were released quite a
long time ago, but you can still download them at:

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- includes the following:

* dinostat.j2l - Dino Station

* Space Station.j2t - New tileset by Alienator.  As far as I know, I'm the
first one to use it.

* friends.xm - Music. I wanted brand new music, but it would have required
me to convert a wav file into mod.

* Dino Station Readme.txt - I didn't include that file... =)

* chickencow.jpg - If you don't have it, you need it :)



Level By: Steven Wakeman
Tileset By: Alienator
Music By:  Secoone
Chicken-Cow Picture By: Gizmo the siberian purple chicken vanquisher
cat-weasel-person-god-etc. (Gizmo for short =)


* Admael for being so perfectful. :-)
* Brian for being such a good friend to a loser like me.
* Dethman for destroying my life by giving me so much work. ;)
* Derek & Elizabeth for being the bestest cousins.
* Dino for being an idiot. :-P
* Jeh for being such a great person to kill.
* Martin for knowing how to PARTY!
* Noogy for telling us about *that one thing*...
* Onag for, erm.. yeah. :-)
* Roaster for proving that I'm biased.
* Sgt Pancakes for being the funniest person alive.
* stripe for not capitalizing the s in his name.
* StevenT for copying my name ;)
* Davedog, just because I always put him at the end of these lists. :)

and everybody else for doing what they do best.... STUFF!!!


Contact me if you are insane.

* E-mail:
* ICQ: 7062397
* Phone #: 911-567-9834

My websites:

* Jazz 2 Stuff -
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Jesus Christ our Lord" -- Romans 6:23