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Sector Probe 68-A
   (11-26-'07) - edit: (1-11-'08)

Well, well, if it isn't a level. So basically, I made this little battle
level to try out a
little gimmick that I thought would be cool. I had the initial idea that
the player could be
on a probe station in the atmosphere of a gaseous planet. After I started
making it, I then 
had the idea of the gimmick: there's freezing space junk falling into the
planet that can 
hit you. Not any kind of crazy breakthrough, true, but I though it was
kinda clever. 
   Now, in my thought process in designing it, my plan was to somehow
punish the player for 
falling into the atmosphere (which is why I think stuff knocking you into
it is cool).
Edited: I've just added a pit death style level, but there's also a camping
punishment style
for those without Carrotade.
   To tell the truth, I'm really too lazy to actually beta test this:
router problems keep
me from any online public beta, and I don't feel like testing via e-mail.
So, I'm not sure 
if this gimmick will work at all or be fun to play. The delayed re-entry
type design may be
annoying to people, and as it is, I had to make the players that fall to
the bottom collect
all the Freeze Enemies events so that they could respawn, which makes it an
even longer 
delay to fall to the bottom. Hopefully, this will be in a playable and fun
quality, but if 
nothing else, at least it looks good (in my opinion ;P)
   I tried to keep away from any Jazz or Spaz bias, but just in case, I
added a morph 
monitor if there is a bias. Spaz has a bit more mobility in some areas of
the level, but 
overall, Jazz's asset of 'copter ears' may put him above Spaz.

Stuff to know:
-There's random warps on the points of probes
-There's an elevator. how cool is that?
-There's of course a morph monitor for you to use.
-There's ice lying around so you can knock people down.
-There's an ice, toaster, and bouncer powerup (some only accessable by
electro blaster)

Ok, anyway, enjoy if possible. Just a note, but if you want to modify this
level in any way,
please feel free. This is not a copyrighted level.

Level: Sector Probe 68-A by Wraith
Tileset: Iron Crown by CelL
Music: Cosmic Outflow by Falcon/Pulse

-death pit version
-another ice power-up
-easier-to-get warps

Thanks for downloading,

(Wow, I just like wasted a ton of time writing some crummy explanation.
That's dumb.)