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Garnavis: Hey, still busy?
Mama Luigi: no
Mama Luigi: I finished the level pack
Mama Luigi: but Stijn deleted it
Garnavis: Oh, awesome
Mama Luigi: because of the story
Garnavis: Wait... not awesome
Mama Luigi: now I'm pissed of
Mama Luigi: off*
Garnavis: You should be
Garnavis: You put a lot of work into that
Mama Luigi: I did
Mama Luigi: (barely) anti-semetic jokes aside, I actually put some effort
into a level pack for the community and it gets deleted by an admin with a
power trip
Mama Luigi: **** Stijn, **** J2O, and **** Jazz 2
Mama Luigi: I probably sound like a hypocrite here but I feel very offended
Garnavis: Well, Stijn damn sure shouldn't have deleted it
Garnavis: But
Garnavis: Post it again
Mama Luigi: I will
Mama Luigi: friend of mine in the Jazz 2 community talked to Stijn about
this, and this was his response:
Mama Luigi: "My mistake. However, I discussed it shortly beforehand with
cooba, and we both thought levels with texts like "is this moral to do? who
cares, I'm jewish!" aren't really appropriate for J2O.

Especially not on Christmas."
Mama Luigi: yeah, Merry ****ing Christmas, J2O
Garnavis: Because J2O is such a perfect community that never makes jokes
like that
Mama Luigi: I know, right?
Garnavis: Ever
Garnavis: Well you just have to understand that the brain works like a hard
Garnavis: And CP is okay
Garnavis: Then you'll understand how J2O operates
Mama Luigi: something like that
Garnavis: So I was going to ask if you felt like playing some BG2
Mama Luigi: I just played a few rounds
Mama Luigi: I came back to check if anyone reviewed the level pack
Mama Luigi: then I saw Stijn deleted it and removed the thread I made about
it in the JCS forum
Mama Luigi: mind if I post this log?
Garnavis: Sure