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A 2001 Mystic Legends Release!

Name:The Future Evolution (Beta 2 v0.95)
Tile Set:Mez3b, CyberSpaz1a, Cyberspaz2v and Tubelectric 
BetaTester(s):          Bobby aka Dizzy, stripe, newspaz, Haze aka |\|EW,
                        and SteelTalon
Play Mode(s):        Capture the Flag
Extra Info:             This pack is still in beta form.. 
                        The Real release will have a few more levels and
have updated levels
Special Info:        Needs v1.23 or higher to play.
          Check out and get the latest

Files:          mlshockwave.j2l - ShockWave
                mlspaceworld.j2l - Force Draw
                mlnuke.j2l - Waste House
                mlclaustro.j2l - ClAuStRo MaNiA 
                mllab.j2l - Blasting Tron Project
                CyberSpaz Tileset1a.j2t
                CyberSpaz Tileset2V.j2t 

Music Credits:
Name: The Genesis Factor
Written by: Reynard Tang AKA Sorath
- Used with premission

Name: The Digital Dawn
Written by: Reynard Tang AKA Sorath
- Used with premission

File: wessyT2K.mod
Name: Tempest2000 (Remix)
Written by: Imagitec Design
Remix by: Wes Powell - W3Z
- Used with premission
- Edited the Bad Words out of it 

File: Kill.mod
Name: Episode
Written by: ?

Name: Revenge of The Cats
Written by: Skaven
- Included in the GlTron Game

Additional Level info:
Shockwave: that level was inspired by stripe's his Semiconductor level. It
the style of stripe but with a signature of my own desgin, I hope ya like
it :)

Force Draw: one of the 2 levels with the CyberSpaz tileset, i still think
that Cyberspaz
are one of the better tilesets out there but no one uses it, a pity uh?
well, the meaning of this
level was "that you are lost in space with youre ship and you are
surrounded by the enemy" (they fly
over in the level)

Waste House: More then a year ago I released the battle level "Toxic Waste"
but I really 
wanted a new level with the same tileset. Suddendly I found a remix of the
song I used last
year and now I was for 100% sure there will be a new level with the same

ClAuStRo MaNiA: A funny level with the Mez Tileset.  Inspired by the game
GLTron, GlTron
is a game based on the Disney's movie Tron. So does this level =)

Blasting Tron Project: Almost all levelpacks includes the LabTileset
because you can
do a lot with this nice tileset. So this one returns =D

How To Play This Level:

1) Unzip the all files into your Jazz2 directory. It's OK to overwrite the
readme file.
2) To play the level, go to Party Mode -> CTF (Capture the Flag) and
select the level
   from the list. See above for the level & file name.

I recommend using this levelpack for games with 6/8 players or more.

Updated from, Beta1 v089
2 new levels added
1 new tileset added
2 new songs added
Levelbug fixed: Blue started by redbase
Levelbug fixed: The other level didn't load
Extra Secrets added
Weapon placement changed a lil bit

*.plan beta 3
if there are bugs they will be fixed
2 New Levels 
2 New Songs

Full *.Plan
10 Levels
10 Songs
Sort of Story mode implented

Mystic Legends Shouts:

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this level. Everyone who
tested, gave us
level ideas and generally helped out gets a big pat on the back from us :)
Shouts to 
everyone in the Jazz 2 community. There's too many of you to list but
you guys & gals playing Jazz 2 non-stop, this wouldn't have been

Until the next time...

Legal Type Stuff:

1) Don't change the file name or zip name.
2) Any distribution of this zip file MUST contain all level files, readme
files and 
   any other files needed to make the level function correctly such as tile
sets or
   additional music. See above for the zip file listing.
3) This level must be credited to "Mystic Legends" on all download pages.
4) Don't change/alter the level in any way without Mystic Legends
   Take a look at our web site for email addresses etc...
5) Don't include this level in any "episodes" or "level packs" without
   Legends permission. Take a look at our web site for email addresses
6) Passwords to edit any Mystic Legends levels will NOT be given out. So
don't ask. :)
7) I wonder if anyone reads this....

          --== This levelpack is Copyright (c)1999/2000/2001 Mystic
Legends. ==--
                      --== ==--