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-------------------Forced Decay--------------------

Before you play this level, please type the commands:

/evilice on
/tntdamage 1
/extendedtnt on

III...Ammo Placement

i. Preface

Before you start reading, a few notes. This level is played in the
Assassination gamemode, which is in turn played under the CTF gamemode. The
object of the Assassination gamemode is to kill the leader of the opposite
team, AKA the flag holder.

This map is made for FireSworD's 'Dethrone The Tyrant Contest'.

This map is also one of the toughest I have ever made, and definitely is
the largest so far, and will probably only be superseded when I finish my
hotel level. But that's another story.

If you are not clear on the way to play Assassination, please read: and look for the section

I. Story

It has been 4 years since you defeated the Schwarzenguard in his lair,
which in turn took place during the Resurrection of Devan Shell. Ever since
Devan was defeated, a private military company has been looking for:

-a. A facility for training of its employees/soldiers.
-b. More soldiers.

Soon, a reference to the Schwarzenguard's old lair brought them there. As
the old layout was very much combat-based, the company liked what it saw,
bought the place from the government, spent massive amounts of money on
expansion and renovation to convert the hideout into a training facility.

Eventually, Facility No. H876 was completed as an experimental training
facility. They then handpicked a group of the best from their soldiers to
test out this new facility.

You are one of those soldiers.

II. Layout

There are basically six 'rooms', and ten 'caches' filled with ammo and a +1
carrot, arranged like this:

    c     c     c
    |     |     |
    |     |     |
    |           |
    |           |
    |           |
    |     |     |
    |     |     |
    c     c     c

...where 'R' is a room and 'c' is a cache. When visiting a room, text pops
up, showing which room you are in. Examples are:




...which both correspond to the location of the room compared with the

The ground floor is mostly flat, except for room oXo, where there is a big
trigger scenery hole. If a crate is hit at ooo, the mask disappears,
allowing you to take a shortcut from top to bottom.

To the left and right of every ground floor is a red spring, and a zigzag
path up to sucker tubes which take you between rooms/caches and more zigzag

Movement in this level is unique, as you may only move in an anti-clockwise
direction between rooms. For example, you may go from room ooX to room oXo
but not backwards, and also from Xoo to ooo, but also not backwards.
                                                           ooo         ooo 
                                ooo    Xoo

To access the top caches, there are springs on the top center of every room
shoot you up into a sucker tube which takes you to the cache. To access the
bottom caches, there are holes to drop in at the middle of the ground
floor. The side caches (all of them) are only accessible to leaders. The
sucker tube leading IN to the cache is always the top one, while the tube
leading OUT of the cache is always the bottom.

III. Ammo Placement

All rooms have all the ammo that is possible to pick up in the 'arena', and
caches only contain bouncers, seekers, RFs, or toasters. Pepper is
sprinkled everywhere, so you should be comfortable if you run out of PUs
that at least noone can see where your shots are.

The ground floor only contains pepper ammo, placed in threes at the
windows. The path leading up also contains only pepper ammo, until you
encounter a green spring, which contains ammo that changes from room to
room. I won't tell you what they are, because I myself don't remember.

There is only one PU in the entire arena, and that is a Seeker PU at the
middle of the ground floor of room oXo. As mentioned before, that area has
trigger scenery ground, therefore when the trigger crate at room ooo is
hit, the PU will fall down to the top middle of that room.

Caches all contain +15 ammo boxes, with different ammo inside for different
caches. Every ammo box repeats itself every three caches, excluding the
leader-only caches. Speaking of which, the leader-only caches all have
Seeker ammo boxes, which should give them a decided advantage.

IV. Assassination Specific

You should know how the gamemode is played by now.

There are three classes in the level: Leader, Soldier, and Spy.

Leaders have access to four more caches (including the ammo and carrots
that come along with it), have five PUs: Bouncer, Ice (which the level
contains no ammo for, so use sparingly), RF, Toaster, and Electro (also
NA). Oh, and not to mention they capture the flag, and therefore are hunted
like rabbits. Get it? Rabbits!

Soldiers are not much special, the only really big thing about them is that
they have access to TNT (NA, and also can be very useful in this map). They
have the choice of the following PUs: Bouncer+Electro(NA), Toaster+Ice(NA),
and RF+TNT(NA). Well, at least you're not getting hunted.

Spies are very special in this map, and for what reason? They are the only
class that can go against the anti-clockwise flow. They have access to
warps (which green springs at each top-corner lead to) that can take them
either two rooms forward or two rooms back. They also have access to hiding
places (AKA they can go through into some of the jails) and they use the
Blaster + Fastfire PU. They're pretty nifty. They have an unfair advantage,
given, but hey, someone's gotta have one, right?

Depending on the server speed, sometimes teams score twice. I don't know a
solution, so if someone knows one, please do tell me and I will fix it


So thanks for downloading my level and reading through this boring readme,
which really is actually helpful if you cared to read it :)