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You can tell when someone is "out" because they will have 100 or more gems,
unless their connection is terrible. If someone ends up with only about 10
gems, they're probably still in (there's a weird bug that causes players to
"leak" gems occasionally). If someone is spectating, they are also out.

Please enable spectating! When you're out, normally all you can do is wait,
but spectating lets you keep having fun!

Do not use the "evil ice" option. In Ground Force, it actually makes the
ice LESS evil, and who wants that? The extended TNT damage option is fine,
although you are very unlikely to even notice it.

Trigger 0 is always used for sealing the "control room." If you don't want
anyone except admins to be able to start the game, begin every level by
typing /trigger 0 on. Accounting for lag, you have about three seconds to
do this.

To start the game without hitting the crate, use /trigger 1 on.

Trigger 2 is used for determining whether a player can end the level.
Anyone who gets into the control room will have this trigger. You can use
/ptrigger to give or revoke level-ending privileges, but if they are
already out you will need to /k them first. Of course, if you're doing
this, you have Plus, so you can just use /c to end the level anyway...

Finally, triggers 11 and up are used for the various crates that drop TNT
and other garbage on the play field. Don't use /trigger on these unless you
know exactly what they do and exactly what you want, because it will nearly
always be detrimental to gameplay.