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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Hillside v1.1 (gtblvl_1) GreenTechB Single player 7.1 Download file

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Hillside - GTB LVL 1

my older level, i created it one or two years ago.
i made some little corrections in eyecandy and events,
and i decided to upload. there is a second map for
it, will be uploaded soon.

it works tsf and 1.23 also.


not much. jazz was sent to investigate a hidden castle in
the Green Hills. he has to destroy everything that moves,
and return with as many treasure as possible.

the first level contains the path trhough the forest.
have fun and thanks for downloading! :)


level and readme: GreenTechB
music: almagest, I don't know but thanks for who made it.
tileset: pokljuka_heights by Gus

09/11/11, Hungary