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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Stronghold (gtblvl_2) GreenTechB Single player 7.5 Download file

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StrongHold - GTB LVL 2

another older level, i created it also one or two years ago.
this continues, where gtblvl1 ends. finally you reach the turtle
fortress, now you have to destroy the main bastion, to shut
the stronghold down. first, you have to find some TNT in the
i made some corrections in eyecandy, it's not su frustrating
like in the previous level, and now there is as a boss fight also.

IMPORTANT: This level contains new boss music, it
will overwrite the original, make backup!

it works tsf and 1.23 also.


download the first level, to have the complete story!

have fun and thanks for downloading! :)


level and readme: GreenTechB
music: mindwalker, I don't know but thanks for who made it.
       ccity12 (boss), also thanks, but still don't know the author.
tileset: chateau by Toxic Bunny

P. S.: Pls, write a review on jazz2online, a short one is enough!
i'm curious to other players' opinion, and i also want to correct
every mistakes of mine, thank you.
09/11/11, Hungary