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VeggieMan Created this level and idea, Started March 21st, 2001 Finished
August 25, 2001
Level name   | MHCTF (Man Hunt Capture The Flag)
Level Music  | u-k3symb.xm (Suffocate Symbiosis) By keith303
Level Tileset| Diamondus2
Contract Information
Email |
ICQ   | 18230596

(I didn't spell check this or anything so... If it doesn't make sense then
that's why)

Hey Hey,

I'm back with a new level. This level is much different then any other
level I've made
before. Within this read me file you will find a little history lesson
about how I came up
with this cool or bad idea (all depends on wheater you like it or not) and
the rules for
this game play. I also include a new .xm file I downloaded off the net it's
really gives
the hole Man Hunt Capture The Flag idea a nice beat. Enjoy. Some of you may
be wondering 
why did it take so long to bring out this level well it's simple. I'm lazy.
A week ago 
I got a new girl friend and she gives me ALL the energy I need to do
anything. So if you 
end up liking this gameplay thank her. She Rules, I know one thing If it
weren't for her 
I wouldn't have finished this at all. 

People I need to Thank.

[GpW]Shadow- Shadow listened to my crazy ideas about this a long time ago.
Thanks =)
[GpW]Bones- GB did some early beta testing of this level about a month ago.
Thanks =)
Elizabeth(new gf)- She made the completion of this level and gameplay
possible. Thanks =)
CC clan- If it weren't for there annoying clan members I wouldn't have
wanted to make a
new gameplay to beat them at. GpW Rules ;)
GpW- I would like to thank the members of GpW for making it the best clan
to be apart of.
Keep on ruling, cuz that's what we do best =)


It all started back when I was a little kid running around playing this
game that my friends
and I called Man Hunt. The game involed two teams. Both teams object in
this game would be
to capture the other team and take them to their jail. The only way to get
team players back
would be to tag them out of the other teams jail. Anyways, if your really
interested in the
rest of these rules just email me, otherwise were moving on. So I wanted to
make something
like that for jj2 but you can't really since we don't (to the best of my
knowlegde) have
access to the source code for the game. So this lead me to think of a new
idea to make a 
new kind of game play, involing more team startegy (which I find this game
lacks) I wanted
to make this game play work in battle because of the high heart count, but
that wouldn't
work due to the fact that there are no teams in battle mode. So I was
forced to use CTF mode
for this game play. 

To really simplfly this down. All I did was make a jail for CTF mode. Now
if your open about 
this it can really become lots of fun to play. This level was made in mind
for clan battles
really bring out the ture stargiest in all of us. 

The Rules for MHCTF gameplay

I have created some set rules for the gameplay as well as some general
guide lines
Also note that these rules are in no order at all. If you feel you have any
rules that
need to be added after reading these please feel free to email me.

1. Join a team and stay on that team. Don't move around cause your team is

2. If you notice someone gets stuck in a jail then quits the game and
re-joins just to 
get out the jail (otherwise know as cheating or not playing fair) I give
you the right
to tell the server to kick or (in exterme cases) ban that person. 

3. You need to have at least 2 players on each team.

4. If your hole team is stuck in jail then you must chose as a team which
player gets to
leave and re-join the game in order to continue the game. Make sure before
you leave you
tell the other team which player you have chosen to leave and re-join for
fair reasons.
I would chose someone before hand to be that player so then can leave fast
and re-join.

5. To win capture the other teams flag and bring it back to yours to score

The Rules for Making a MHCTF level

1. You need to have two jails. And CTF areas. Remember, the only way to win
is to capture
the flag and score points. 

(If you need help with the hole jail idea email me. I'm gonna try
and explain that in this read me file so keep on reading.)

2. Never put ice in the jails.

3. I wouldn't put airboards in any of these levels to avoid the no wall

4. No power ups. Everyone only has 3 hearts using power ups will make
killing too easy.

5. Make sure to have ice in the map it's needed. 

(you could either have no ice or to much ice at a given time. Ice is
everyone's friend.
You put it in drinks it's water but frozen. Yes ice. Just use your best
judement for
the placement of ice.)

6. Put text boxes to indicate where the jails are and ways to the flags. It
can help make
your MHCTF level less confussing. That's a good thing.

7. The level must be made as a mupiltplayer CTF mode level. 

The Rules for Hosting a MHCTF level

1. The level must be played in CTF mode.

2. In The area to write what your server is called please put MHCTF so
everyone knows it's
that kind of game and not a normal CTF. 

3. If people don't know the rules you can explain them to that person or
send them to to download my level and read the read me file.

4. Know the rules at the top about gameplay very well. This helps to know
when to kick 
someone vs. ban them etc. You know what I mean.

The Way I make the jail Work

It's pretty easy.. I just hope you can understand what I'm trying to say


MP Start  = [MP]
Trig Scen = [TS]
Trig Zone = [TZ]
Suck      = [SK]
Walls     =  ||

So what you want to try and do is have your [MP] start in your jail and
have the rabbit
fall thought it the first time. This needs must happend or all the rabbits
will start
and end up in jail. 

Try and follow this picture.

|| [MP]||
|| [TS]||
|| [TZ]||
|| [SK]||

I use the event at the end so the rabbits can't get back up there and mess
around with the
Trig Zones and Scen. 
Make the [TS] turn into group once the rabbit passes through it therefore
next time the
rabbit dies it will end up in jail. Make sense?

If you still don't understand. Then contact me. Only contact me if your
really having 
big problems. If you have used JCS before you should be able to figure out
what I've done
Copyright (C) VeggieMan (a.k.a Gordon Bristow) March 21st, 2001