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A 2015 Mystic Legends Release!

Tile Set:MedvioS
Play Mode(s):Capture the Flag 
Special Info:Needs JJ2+ to play.


How To Play This Level:

1) Unzip the all files into your Jazz2 directory. It's OK to overwrite the
readme file.
2) To play the level, go to Party Mode -> Capture the Flag and select
the level
   from the list. See above for the level & file name.

I recommend using these maps for games with 6 players or more.

Mystic Legends Shouts:

Wow, I get to make levels for ML now. How cool is that?

Shoutout to ShadowGpW, Violet CLM, Sir Ementaler, TreyLina,
FireSworD, FawFul, PurpleJazz and Ragnarok for being helpful
and brimming with motivation & good advice all around.

And the biggest shoutout of them all to CelL, to whom this
level is a very obvious tribute.

Enjoy Bash 17!


Legal Type Stuff:

1) Don't change the file name or zip name.
2) Any distribution of this zip file MUST contain all level files, readme
files and 
   any other files needed to make the level function correctly such as tile
sets or
   additional music. See above for the zip file listing.
3) This level must be credited to "Mystic Legends" on all download pages.
4) Don't change/alter the level in any way without Mystic Legends
   Take a look at our web site for email addresses etc...
5) Don't include this level in any "episodes" or "level packs" without
   Legends permission. Take a look at our web site for email addresses
etc... (except for JDC or Bash. Do your thing!)
6) Passwords to edit any Mystic Legends levels will NOT be given out. So
don't ask. :)

              --== This level is Copyright (c)2015 Mystic Legends. ==--
                      --== ==--