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Pipe Dream
by Obi1mcd

Yes, I took the pun in Dreempipes' name and reversed it. No, I'm not good
at names.
This tileset was made for Treylina's Small Tileset Contest, so it has only
150 tiles, but I thought I'd use the limited number of tiles to have a
proper go at JJ2+'s Angelscript palette changing stuff.
The set is (hopefully obviously) based on Dreempipes from the original Jazz
Jackrabbit, but it's also in part based off of Lava Reef zone from Sonic
the Hedgehog 3, hence the crystal tiles, and I would have made a second
example making this more blatant but I am not very good at time management.
Created with GraphicsGale and Gimp.

All palette entries go from light to dark.
The palette entries are as follows:

96-103: Metal background tiles.
104-111: Crystal tiles.
112-119: Rock background tiles.
120-127: Metal panels (ie alternate solid ground, destruct scenery borders,
128-135: Liquid pool tiles.
136-143: Solid rock tiles.
144-159: Pipe tiles.
160-175: Metal highlights (on pipes and paneling) & even tiles
176-207: Textured background.
208-223: Waterfall.

The Angelscript file PipeDreamExample.j2as has some examples for some basic
animation via changing the palette.

Thanks to Treylina for hosting the contest!