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Do you remember the first time playing JJ2? It was exciting, wasnt it?
Different worlds, various enemies Everything was new. 
Many years passed since the moment I started this game at a first time Now
every layout is familiar to me, every level was passed dozens of times. How
much would I give to play the game at a first time again or better to play
new episodes with new tilesets and enemies! 
I started making these levels ages ago and now, in March 9, 2018 all the 12
levers are done! In fact this episode is a scripted remake of an original
JJ2 story, and it provides new mechanics, new graphics drawn by me, unused
enemies and bosses and many other cool things. Im glad to tell you that all
the 12 levels have bosses now! And what is obvious, most of those bosses
are far harder to beat than the original ones. Each level has two new
recolors  one for the main part of the level and another for the boss
fight. The recolors are some kind of a visit card of this episode (and of
my JJ2 projects in general).

Well, now Youve found yourself in a castles dungeon. Looks like that was
done by your mother-in-law. Well, you know the storyline. You have to chase
Devan Shell in space and time till the final clash in the Stone Abyss  the
deepest part of hell, were the demons dwell. 

After you beat your mother-in-law and escape the castle, you have to blast
your way through 12 different worlds and to face powerful bosses in the end
of each. 

Some info about them.

1) Queen of Carrotus. Terrible rabbit woman! She is highly dominant and
ill-tempered. Often shouts and stomps with her feet.  
2) Shwartzenguard. Its a strong but not very clever turtle commander. Devan
Shell has sent him to seize Carrotus.
3) Robot Boss. One of Devans first robotic creations. Dont expect him to be
burned within a couple of seconds of the flamethrower usage. He is heat
resistant. And his armor deflects most of the bullets as well.
4) Rocket Turtle. This guy once used to be a pilot of a destroyer, then a
spy and recently he was promoted to Devans military advisor. He is cunning
and elusive. Dont underestimate him!
5) Tweedle. Actually its a surname. Tweedle is a mad clown, who once had a
twin. Yeah, there were two of them  Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Devan
Shell killed one of them and tricked another to believe that his brother
was slayed by rabbits. Actually, nobody knows whether it is Dum or Dee who
was killed, but his brother craves for revenge.
6) Uterus. This creature is creepy. Extremely creepy. Its enough to have
one glimpse of him to get a heart attack. But only a few persons know that
Utherus Vulgaris is a rare animal whose death would lead to extinction of
7) Witch. She is a toadlike creature. And she can turn you into a toad as
well. As a reptile she is Devans ally but it is believed that once she was
a rabbit. In Carrotus she was sentenced to death for illegal magic, but she
turned herself into a toad and escaped to Diamondus. 
8) Devan Shell. Well, you know this guy, dont you? In 8th level you
encounter him face to face for the first time. But youre naive if you
reckon that it is your last meeting. 
9) Bolly. Another robot constructed by Devan. Yeah, this nerdy professor is
seriously obsessed by robots. Just imagine how many useful inventions could
he come up with if he wasnt so evil! Well, the top side of the Bolly isnt
affected by any physical attacks now, so this boss can be really
10) Bilsy. A demonic headhunter, hired by Devan to kill you. He is a Lord
of demons, the representative of on ancient race. But when you reach the
Stone Abyss  the deepest part of hell, you will notice that there are
plenty of Bilsies out there. However, those Bilsies are way weaker than the
11) Bubba. Another demonic creature. Bubba is a strong and fat demon, and
there are dozens of his smaller brothers in Stone Abyss. When youve frozen
the hell, Bubba caught a cold. Keep in mind that he sneezes with deadly
12) Devan Shell. The best description can be An evil genious. Well, he is
your main enemy as well as the enemy of the entire rabbitkind. And believe
me, nobody wants to have an evil turtle whose IQ is over 200 as an enemy.