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Deperate Cry Remastered Edition 

by SoulFirE aka Piccolo

this zipfile ( contains three files:

Desperate_Cry_Rem.j2tDesperate_Cry_Remasteredthe tileset
Ex_Desp_Rem.j2lMeaningless Chaosthe example level
ReadMeDesp.txtRead Me: Desperate Crythis readme

My releases:

Desperate CryTileset05-30-02 
Desperate Cry RemasteredTileset10-13-02

Upcoming, In a few days/weeks, my new tileset!!!


Well, here is my tileset. Uhm, please DO NOT rate the level, its an EXAMPLE

Thanx to the following people for inspiring me:

Masters of Art:
Michael R. Whelan 
Salvador Dali
H.R. Giger
M.C. Escher

Masters of Tileset-creation:
Skulg aka Scary Sarry

They create the best music. Every album a new original style, always metal,
but never boring or mainstream. Great lyrics, NO pop-nonsense about love
and sex, true lyrics! And the great attitude towards their fans, "down to


Thanx to the following people,
For being the best guys ('n girls) around, on Jazz:
Super Saiyan
Skulg aka Sarry
Unh (you're in it this time =)   )
MB, WR, Dope & the whole TF-clan
Elrick & the BOD-clan
& the rest of the community

Also my sister, for her friendship and inspiration (  : her tileset wich
she will never finish), Gohan aka SliCer aka BurningBulL

For keeping the community alive
FQuist, Nebula and Bobby and all the other moderators and admins of the JFC
and J2O, thnx for putting your time (and money) into this cool

Jazz will live on forever!!!!

I drew everything myself, except the 'signs' on the destr. blocks and my
own SoulFire logo (wich I did make, but is not self-drawn)


Tileset       SoulFirE
Example Level      SoulFirE
Jazz2, destr. blocks signsEpic


TeraLogic Texturemaker 32TeraLogic
Paint Shop Pro 7.04Jasc
PalSuite 2Alister Thomson aka Toxic Bunny

Have fun & Enjoy this tileset!!!

Sepultura 00wns you all!!!!!!