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                   Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level

Level Name :  Epitome
Filename   :  MlynEpitome.j2l
Author     :  Merlyn (aka TomMK)
Type       :  CTF
Tileset    :  Medivo2
Music      :  Medivo2
Password   :  [None]


My 2nd level release, after Rockingham (or 3rd if you count updates), and
my 1st CTF level. It was released as a beta a few weeks ago now to try and
get some feedback on it. I've taken that feedback and alot of comments from
testings [most important contributor during which was >CelL< :-)] and
improved almost every aspect of the level, from the flow (which was poor in
the beta) and eyecandy and weapons placement etc. Its still quite a small
level, with plenty of routes through it, but much better than the beta.
Best with about 3/4 per team. There's no password on the level, don't
believe in them, so feel free to mess about with it, just dont call it all
your own work if you do.


Changes since the beta:

1) General upscaling of the level's size, which was quite a big job.
2) Countless tileset/mask bug fixes
3) Introduction of the "Crusher" system, bottom centre of the level. This
is to prohibit an easy ride straight between the bases.
4) Much more ammo available
5) Loads and loads of other, mostly insignificant, details.


The Secrets:

1) Hidden passage to right of Exit sign
2) Hidden tunnel under gargoyle head on blue side of level. (Contains Gun9

Hints: Red Team

1) Get your bouncer power-up, then stand on the ledge just beneath it and
sniper any incoming blues from above.
2) Hit the blue spring just outside your base to go to the top-most part of
the level for an easier route to the blue side.
3) The flags outside your base indicate a good position to defend at. For
the red team there are actually 3 key positions to defend. Firstly,
obviously, at the flags. Secondly, at the 2 pillars just to the right of
the base. And lastly, a sniper, as described above.

Blue Team:

1) If the reds are snipering at their base, arm yourelf with plenty of gun9
and pound their base with it from a distance. As soon as the sniper's been
taken out, get in there yourself and stop them returning. Also make more
use of the lower route to avoid them if they are doing that.
2) You have the RF power-up on your side. Use it. And Guard it. Its the
most powerful weapon in the level.
3) As with the reds, the flags at your base indicate an important defensive
position. A second good defense position is on either of the 2 ledges to
the left of your base, especially if you have bouncer ammo, in which case
you can act in a similar style to the sniper at the red base, although it
is less effective here.


Enjoy it