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2003 Jesterjj

|-= Roman Sewers =-|

Hey look! Jesterjj made a level!

|-= Description =-|

Your in an Italian town... a town that just so happens to be Roman!

A Roman town... that has sewers!

What do you think about that?!? Huh!?

|-= Thoughts =-|

I wish I had all the original TMNT episodes...

|-= Serious Thoughts =-|

I have tried to make this level look as professional as possible.

Unlike most level makers, I don't feel it needed to fill up every 
little inch of the level with space to play in. That just makes the 
level harder to navigate. With my level, I have attempted to make 
every area unique... which also makes the level easier to map out in 
a player's brain.

Weapons and pickups are balanced for fair gameplay, with there being 
just enough extra pickups and one upgraded weapon to make matches 
interesting and add a little zing to the game.

|-= Hey! Look! =-|
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|-= Just because I care... =-|

I'll give you the password, just so you can look at the level and add 
this level to a sequence of different levels or something. Please 
don't alter any of my work and please don't steal any of it. I worked 
hard to tediously complete it.

password: sewers

|-= In Closing... =-|

I dunno... enjoy the level!