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TSF Only: Battle Pack 3 Waz Battle 7.4 Download file

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Battle Pack

There, another battle pack of mine... This zip should contain
the following:


  waz37, waz38, waz 39, waz40


  Waz15, Waz15nit, Waz15Infect, Waz15Frst, Waz15Flam


Text: Waz37-40


You might notice that there are 5 tilesets and just 4 levels. I just wanted
to include 
evry version of Waz15 here. And I was to lazy to make a 5th level. 
Feel free to change a tileset version to another one if you don't like the
used version.
(this means, for ex: waz37 uses Waz15. If you prefer Waz15nit, you're
allowed to change 
Waz15 to Waz15nit.)

All tilesets included here are compatible.