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Blade proudly presents:

Energized Action!!

This pack is something I've been promising to do for last three years,
and now, it is true. There are at least three reasons why your download 
wasn't worthless.

1. Energized Action brings you ten enormous, super enjoyable single-player 
levels with all the secrets, easter eggs etc. stuff. They use all my ten 
tilesets from Aztec to Oasis.
2. I've updated all tilesets from Aztec to Woodlands (+ Space). Lots of 
important and useful changes were made. For example, the masks are now 
perfect, no more stucking in the walls etc. In some sets, I've added some 
new tiles to make your level creating easier and more fun.
3. The musics are only the best quality. You won't find as good music in
other level pack :)

But. I have not included the level musics in this pack. They would make the
about 7 megs larger. Please download the musics from my homepages at 
( if you don't have them already. Go to the
Action page, and you will find the file (7,7 Mb).

Hope you enjoy Energized Action, it took me an eternity to accomplish :)

- 10 single player levels
- 11 tilesets
- this readme document

The changes in the tilesets

- 50 tiles added. Mostly essential tiles, but also a new tree
- Some bugs in tileset mask fixed.
- Fixed the brick wall continuity problems.
- Changed the look of tile (3, 3). I should have done this fifty years ago.

Beton & Beton Night
- Lots of tiling problems fixed.
- The tileset mask renewed completely.

- The masks of the rocks are now full blocks. No more stucking
  I guess.
- Some other mask mistakes fixed.
- 10 new tiles. Again mostly essential tiles, but a few eye-candy
  tiles added. Yum!
- Poles are now usable.
- Poles and vines don't look the same anymore (Different color in
  the poles, vines look now like ropes).

- Loads of mask bugs fixed.
- (Masking) The ceiling and wall tiles are now smooth.

- 10 new essential tiles.
- A few mask problems solved.
- the masks of the ceiling tiles are now smooth.

- Some tileset mask problems fixed.

- All the mask issues solved.

- The Blade block is now solid.
- One super small graphics bug fixed.

Contact Info

 Tilesets and levels by:
 Blade (Sampo Vesanen) from Finland.

 Musics:"World Of Dreams" by AlienZoul 
 "Dream Land" by DreaMSection
"Mysterious Times" by DreaMSection 
"Summer Planet" by Dj TheCroWn
"System 51" by Quasian
"Second Time" by Quasian
"Challenger's Course" by Zaac/Zalem
"Static Universe" by Mr. Stewe
"Dreams Of Hope 2"by Awesome
"Heat Wave"by Dr. Q-Cumber

 Pack build date:18.05.2003

 E-mail: (I have MSN Messenger)

 Big thanks:Blackraptor and JelZe for supporting the EA progress. 
Thank you very much! :)