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---------------------------Shellion's Extreme Revenge

Hey, Spaztic[GpW] here, thanking you for downloading this very old but
deliciously fishy
level pack known as Shellion's Extreme Revenge, or more likely as SXR.

---------------------------SXR Unzipping

1. Unzip EVERY file into your reg. Jazz 2 folder. Replace all files with
the ones you are
unzipping (if you don't SXR might not play right). This is especially
important if you downloaded
the demo of SXR back in..oh, what was it? May, June of 1999? Oh well,
whatever ;-).

2. Go and play the game =). The starting level is called "SXR Intro". The
file name is called SXR_Start.

---------------------------SXR Lite Credits-------------------------

Even though the credits are in the first and last levels, I think I'll put
them here again:
Main level design: Spaztic[GpW] of J2LC
Assist. level design: Oli (he did the first level in the castle, most of it
at least)
Music: I have no idea! 
Tilesets: Spaztic[GpW] (yes, I made one =). It's the really cheap one for
the intro =^P.
          Bluez for Neonius, one of the coolest tilesets I've seen.
          Mezz who made the Mezzeseseses. Mez01 is used to much by everyone
          Dethman who fixed the Candion tileset for QoB, but I used it for
SXR =)

Thanks to Stripe for letting my "copy" his ship type idea from the cool
episode "Another Story". You made the last level real groovy lookin' =)

Also, big and hearty thangx to all of them beta tester like people. People

Steven Wakeman (don't ask me how, but he found time to play it =) )
Black Ninja and Oli (who had nice compliments, except for the "Mines of
Moria", which they had to skip =P)
KillerCarrot and what's-his face (I think I'll put in his name later)
What's-his-face is iCeD! Hahaha in the reupload I have REDEEMED MY
Admael (who has a healthy obsession with spam and hash browns)
Ice M A N (hey look! I spelled his name right!)

---------------------------Feedback stuff--------------------------
Send all comments and other to

Visit the J2LC homepage at

Visit SpiffyJuice at

#jj2 Pwns Lag Ping FFS n00bshop.

---------------------------SXR Lite Readme is done-------------------------

Okay, almost done except for these little ditties:

There is a secret level hidden somewhere in the level pack
There are battle levels included in there for your cheap enjoyment =)
In there contains the homeland for the Jazz Clone, invented by me
There is a hidden orange-monkeys who are wearing mad goat costumes land
hidden somewhere...

Thank you, and goodnight =)

- Spaztic[GpW] of J2LC
Updated March 2003 (3 or 4 years after SXR's original release)