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Jazz Paradise
Tileset created by JSZ JaZz!

OK, I'll write shortly. I got inspired by Sonic games. I was dissapointed
that there are no paradise tilesets in the Jazz2 Community (Cracco's
tileset is much more of a casino... but his tileset inspired me a bit,
too), so I made one. This is my first "professional" tileset, I mean I
never before made a tileset longer than 1000 tiles and using more colors
than just standard Jazz2 palette (except for textured background entries in
my Raneforus conversion). I hope you like the tileset enough to make a good
level with it!

Oh, and a little info about the columns in the bottom of the tileset.
They're used as eyecandy. The ones near the beginning of the tileset are
solid, so you can use them as barriers.

There are some casino-like tiles, because as usual there are games to play
in paradise. If you want to know how I made the Jazzpot machines in the
example level, simply open it and see yourselves. It has no password.

Why this is TSF? Seriously, it doesn't overcome the 1.23 limit, but believe
me, the allowed number of animations would too small for this animation
based tileset.

That's all. Happy Jazzing!

Finished on 7th March 2004