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Islands in the Sapphire Sea
A JJ2 tileset by Blade

Release notes:

Hi folks! I'm here to introduce you people my new tileset, 
The Islands in the Sapphire Sea. It is a Caribbean sea themed
set. Prepare for lots of sand, dark caves, water and pirate equipment
such as swords, skulls, gold coins and cannons, for instance. Sapphire
Sea is not the easiest to use. Islands in the Sapphire Sea has many
similarities with the Holiday Hare '98 sets, and I am aware of it.
I wanted to try out, if I could replicate some of the splendour of those
sets :) 

You can also expect to see some quite nice artwork there. My skills have
improved since Oasis. Mostly you will see this improvement as most of the
edges in this tileset look nice and smooth, like "anti-aliased".

So did it take 26 months to finish this? No, not really. I just didn't
have the inspiration I need to make tilesets that satisfy me. Islands in
the Sapphire Sea was started in May 2004, and the major development was
in several weeks in months between June and February. I can explain my
slowness a bit with my busy fall. School and other games (KotOR and Prince
Persia: Sands of Time are great games, btw!) took some time from the
Sea development.

I'm very happy to have Sapphire Sea now ready. I'm also very pleased to it,
and I hope you will enjoy it too :)

.zip contents:
Islands.j2tthe tileset itself
Islands.j2lA single player example level (360*64)
jt_pools.xm"Pools of Poison" by Jeroen Tel

Changes made to the zip after the first release:
03/01/05: Layer 6 water reflections are now smoothened
03/02/05: Example level changes: Added some hooks, a closed treasure
  chest and new secrets to find
03/02/05: Second change today: the background stuff don't have automasks
  anymore. Now the Islands in the Sapphire Sea is more 8-bit
  compatible: you can use the layer 8 blue as a warp background,
  and the water looks somewhat better (not perfect, though) 


To JelZe GoldRabbit: I want to thank you for listening six months my 
Sapphire Sea production mumbo jumbo :) I hope 
you get the inspiration to finish your own JJ2 
stuff :)

To Jeroen Tel:'Pools of Poison' simply rocks! And thanks for
JelZe for recommending it to me :)

The Islands in the Sapphire Sea, by Sampo "Blade" Vesanen. Developed
May 2004 and February 2005. Contact me at ( Also
the old address ( still works. My webpages 
( are still online, but don't expect many
updates there. I read the guestbook quite often, though. Drop your message
there if you have something to ask.

Release date: Monday the 28th of February 2005