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3 Nov 2005 at 05:37

Another poll gone…

At the moment, what is your opinion of the Earlong Royal Encyclopedia Wiki?

I don’t like it very much. – 4 Votes (5%)

It’s okay, but people need to post more stuff in it. – 32 Votes (39%)

It’s good. – 16 Votes (19%)

I love it. – 8 Votes (10%)

I love it and am a frequent contributor, but we need more help on it. – 7 Votes (8%)

It’s too full of incorrect facts and I am too proud to fix them myself. – 1 Votes (1%)

I’ve never heard of it. – 9 Votes (11%)

Other (specify) – 6 Votes (7%)

Total votes: 83

The people have spoken, and they need to use the encylopedia more! I guess it’s good to see I’m the only proud person in the community.

With everyone falling in love or getting married these days, it’s about time that Jazz 2 Online dealt with the touchy subject of relationships. And so, this new poll asks the ever important question…
Which Jazz character would you most like to have as your boyfriend or girlfriend?

(Poll concept created in correspondence with Lark. To support him, vote for the rat!)

- Violet CLM


CrimiClown on 3 Nov 2005 at 14:09

It’s okay, but people need to post more stuff in it.

I’ll stand by my hoffenclibbers!


CrimiClown on 3 Nov 2005 at 14:11

Oh, and, as for the new poll, if I was a girl, I’d date Spaz for sure. Mainly because I love randomness and stupidity, whackyness and hyperactivity.

Well, I actually just say that since my current girlfriend is like that… Well, I like it anyway. :D

FQuist on 3 Nov 2005 at 16:03

Looks like most want to use the wiki, but only if people make it better. Yet, from all the people who voted this option only a few contributed to the wiki. So basically, “I do want a wiki, but only if others than me put the effort into it”.

DoubleGJ on 3 Nov 2005 at 18:29

I am having a tough decision between Lori and Eva… both have about the same amount of my ex’ aspects. =P

White Rabbit on 3 Nov 2005 at 18:37

Lori, because they were thinking like I am when they made her up and designed her accordingly.

Lark on 3 Nov 2005 at 22:15

a vote for a labrat is a vote for me

White Rabbit on 3 Nov 2005 at 22:21

Lark, the only thing about you that resembles a lab rat is your name. And that’s something positive, if not a compliment.

DanYjel on 4 Nov 2005 at 00:00


blurredd on 4 Nov 2005 at 00:25

I have to go against Danyjel and vote for Eva.

FQuist on 4 Nov 2005 at 02:35

DrJones seems to be getting lots of competition.

White Rabbit on 4 Nov 2005 at 12:09

Well, it wouldn’t hurt if he spent a little more time with her. :-(

cooba on 4 Nov 2005 at 21:57

a vote for a labrat is a vote for me

sorry im not gay 8(

Jarno vos on 20 Nov 2005 at 15:49

The poll is cool but i vote for lori though!

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