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22 Feb 2015 at 15:10

The Dutch version of IGN has made an article about the carriers of our Jazz Jackrabbit developers Arjan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski. They are going pretty deep with the story of our favorite hare. What games they have produced and where it all ended. They also conclude that Jazz Jackrabbit has sparked a love for sci-fi. As since all their previous games were about guns, aliens and futuristic stuff.

Go give it a read here on IGN Benelux (Dutch)

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Primpy on 22 Feb 2015 at 15:21

Sweet! Hopefully it will be translated too.

Slaz on 22 Feb 2015 at 20:53

Oh, thanks for the notification! I wouldn’t have seen this without it. ;)

TreyLina on 22 Feb 2015 at 22:56

Here’s a google translate version into English. I figure I’d post it since it appears virtually perfect, albeit the grammar messing up later on;

Most people think of Killzone and Gears of War are often the same fundamental building blocks: testosterone-filled men, gray and desolate environments, intense shoot-outs and a good dose of science fiction. In contrast, I digress to anthropomorphic rabbits, jazzy background music and the most colorful landscapes that have known the 90s. Right, I’m talking about Jazz Jackrabbit.
Mario or Sonic?

The year is 1994. Nintendo and SEGA fanboys bicker over whose mascot is superior; the industry is dominated by platformers and RPGs and Doom has only just come to play. Against this background, two young enthusiasts find each other in the desire to create a new, faster, quirky hero and as a remarkable chapter starts in gaming history.

The two men are North American Cliff Bleszinski and Dutchman Arjan Brussee. With the Atlantic Ocean between the two men is started to develop a 2D platformer. The original idea and design reach the 18-year-old Bleszinski from; Programming is performed by the 21 year old Brussee, a familiar face in the demo scene.
From fable to game

The main character soon has a name and design: Jazz Jackrabbit, a green and anthropomorphic rabbit with an attitude. His mission? Rescuing Princess Eva Earlong from the clutches of Devan Shell, an evil turtle. This task would eventually lead him along many planets, all equipped with the necessary artillery weapon.
Blue hedgehogs and rabbits green: how it went in the 90s

Yes, Brussee Bleszinski and knew their classics: the story is nothing more than a cartoonish sci-fi version of the famous “The Tortoise and the Hare” Aesop. And this Greek fable is not their only source of inspiration: Jazz Jackrabbit drew for his richly gameplay from Sonic the Hedgehog and Jill of the Jungle, did in his design thinking pulpy ’50s sci-fi soundtrack and appeared to have been straight out of the 80s achieved.

Do not confuse this multitude of sources of inspiration with a lack of creativity. Jazz Jackrabbit, or did not have the sales of its competition, but is still remembered as a special cult hit. The speed of the game managed to find a nice balance between Mario and Sonic, and the addition of artillery weapons and opponents to eradicate this, added an extra challenge to. With over 50 levels spread across 27 planets was also not exactly a short game.

Eventually knew Jazz Jackrabbit not achieve the same popularity as Mario and Earthworm Jim, but a cult classic it has remained. In 1998, a second part came out and Jazz Jackrabbit 3D was developed, though here to find a publisher. Finally came in 2002, a reboot for the Game Boy Advance, but it lacked the game in its entirety to charm.
This Jazz Jackrabbit so do not play

Yet these two games later and the canceled title are not the entire legacy of Bleszinski and Brussee’s baby. From this colorful platformer were made two impressive careers emerged: Arjan Brussee would eventually be involved in the creation of Guerrilla Games, Cliff Bleszinski would work up to one of the most famous faces of Epic Games.

What they would bring out respectively through these studios? Brussee came with Killzone, Bleszinski Gears of War. Indeed, two shooter franchises, both filled with gray and ravaged environments, an unhealthy dose of testosterone and all this in a down to the smallest detail elaborate sci-fi setting. That one green rabbit challenge Mario and Sonic dared in 1994 eventually led to two of the most popular Xbox and PlayStation exclusives.

Even if at first sight do not seem so much of what Killzone and Gears of War features, all can be found in Jazz Jackrabbit. The love of extraterrestrial settings and a wide selection of weapons to the creative use of existing conventions, Jazz is woven in both games of their DNA.
Full circle

Arjan and Cliff ended so, after starting together in the game industry, as avid competitors. Both were responsible for exclusive shooters must demonstrate that “their” respective consoles were capable. But the image of Arjan and Cliff as competition also immediately the last chapter of this story? Undetermined.
The starting point of a journey that eventually would lead along Helghan and Sera

Since 2012 Brussee away at Guerrilla, Bleszinski has left Epic in the same year. In the years since Brussee has engaged in various projects and publishers, Bleszinski said he was “retired.” In 2014 Bleszinski announced then his new studio, Boss Key Productions. He appointed himself as CEO and presented at that time any other employee: Arjan Brussee.

It has the men twenty years and a whole list of Gears of War- and Killzone games cost, but ultimately the team that gave us the cult hit Jazz Jackrabbit brought back together. At the time, the two of Blue Streak, a free-to-play arena shooter for the PC. And I could not be more enthusiastic person.

Jelly Jam on 23 Feb 2015 at 11:53

You didn’t have to post a google translation, since people are perfectly capable of using google translate theirselfs. I used google translate the day this announcement was posted ;p.

Obi1mcd on 23 Feb 2015 at 21:03

Well it at least saves some people the effort if they can’t be bothered.
Interesting article!

Jelly Jam on 23 Feb 2015 at 22:49

So what kind of a game is BlueStreak supposed to be? A few months ago I heard from someone, that’s from this community, that they’re working on a ‘rabbit game’ :p

Violet CLM on 23 Feb 2015 at 23:49

It’s an arena shooter. AFAIK there are no rabbits.

Primpy on 24 Feb 2015 at 09:59

No rabbits? :(

Ja22 on 24 Feb 2015 at 16:57

I don’t understand why is it so hard to create a sequel to JJ in 16 years…

ShadowGPW on 24 Feb 2015 at 18:50

We had one..

JJ GBA ;)-)


Jelly Jam on 25 Feb 2015 at 10:44

Because Epic doesn’t care for Jazz anymore.
If they don’t care, they should give the Jazz licence to Cliff and Arjan for free :). After all, they made the game.
Also I think of JJ GBA as another universe. Seriously, they think they can just put a random green rabbit and call him Jazz…

Ja22 on 26 Feb 2015 at 13:01

But why is it good for Epic Games not to be more popular?? They just can’t understand how many people are waiting for a new Jazz game… They would like to get money too, aren’t? People would surely buy Jazz games again, especially if it gets a nice 3D graphics…

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