Anniversary Bash 17 up now!

10 Apr 2015 at 20:07
JCF Thread

The Anniversary Bash server is up, marking the seventeenth anniversary of Jazz Jackrabbit 2! The level list is already available for download, or you can read the names below if you’re still on the fence:

1. Frontline by Treylina
2. Warpspacer by Loon
3. Sea of Clouds by DarkSonic
4. Hell’s foundery by ShadowGPW
5. The Cauldron by Snooze
6. The Petrified Woods by FireSworD & SuperJazz
7. ShockSheep by Arti
8. Acht by Loon
9. Robust Ruins by FawFul
10. Street Wars by Jeh & Treylina
11. Murder of Crows by ShadowGPW
12. Valhalla by Loon
13. Castle bunnies for life by ShadowGPW
14. Caucasus by Plumbe
15. Deserted Tube Station by DarkSonic
16. Forsaken Hot Springs by Sir Ementaler
17. Urban Brawl by Foly
18. Robot Village by Snooze
19. Horizon Approaching by Sir Ementaler
20. Pool Party by SuperJazz

CTF List:

1. Daybreak by Ragnarok
2. Take off and away! by Treylina
3. A Giant Drifting Log’s Jungle by FireSworD & Jeh
4. Northscar Needle by Snooze
5. Castamere by Blackraptor
6. Disarrayed Memories v2 by Treylina
7. Coagulation by Loon
8. Stone Ways by CelL
9. Trigelateral v2 by Ragnarok
10. Medium by Snooze
11. Zanzibar by Loon
12 Technological Problems by DarkSonic
13. Forgotten Civilisation by PurpleJazz
14. Ancient Museum by FireSworD
15. Pinball Arena >2k15< by Blackraptor
16. Death Facility III by P4ul
17. Sacrosanct by cooba
18. Anarchy Inn by BlurredD
19. Candlelight Castle by Plumbe
20. Canyon Grove (Night) by PurpleJazz

Thanks to BlurredD for hosting the servers this year, FireSworD and Blacky for curating the lists, and you for keeping this game alive.

- Violet CLM


ShadowGPW on 10 Apr 2015 at 20:19

Ill be joining!

Ja22 on 11 Apr 2015 at 15:40

Happy 17th anniversary Jazz! :D

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