Camel Duels announces plans to train camels

1 Apr 2017 at 09:52

A reporter for J2O has obtained exclusive plans from the Camel Server Corporation to solidify their image by training real live camels to play JJ2. So far the camels have only shown enough skill to participate in clanwars and JDC events, but their handlers are confident they’ll be ready for more competitive play once they stop eating the teamchat keys.

“Quaker,” a spokesman for Camel who asked to have his identity protected for this interview, explained, “Look, it’s not like they can play the game any worse than Bot1 and Bot2.”

To simultaneously promote this new initiative and also make the camels feel more at home in the game, Camel Duels will soon be switching to an exclusively desert-themed series of maps, starting with Zappo Egypt and working their way forwards.

Puke Nukem also appeared to announce plans to make their servers more closely resemble their names, at which point our reporter left in a hurry.

- Violet CLM


ShakerNL on 1 Apr 2017 at 15:18


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