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18 Jan 2018 at 19:42

First, the previous poll:

Overall, which multiplayer gamemode do you prefer?
Battle 27 votes (57%)
Capture the Flag 20 votes (42%)
Total votes: 47

That makes sense. There are significantly more Battle levels than CTF levels, after all, even if the ratio is not the same.

Next up let’s talk about playable characters. JJ2 has several of them already: Jazz, Spaz, and Lori, plus the frog and two different birds. But in today’s game climate maybe that’s not enough? Arjan and CliffyB’s Lawbreakers, for example, boasts eighteen different-ish characters. So if JJ2 added a new full-featured character, who should it be?

- Violet CLM


Slaz on 18 Jan 2018 at 23:12

Razz from JJ3, like downscaled from JJ3 model into HD sprites in JJ2 like Earthbound 64 revival mod and Rayman Origins.

GoldRabbit on 19 Jan 2018 at 12:13

Can’t help but think that JJ2+ is preparing a new character for us (not necessarily in the next update).

Jelly Jam on 19 Jan 2018 at 13:16

I don’t think they should do that.

Slaz on 19 Jan 2018 at 16:34

If it’s possible with AngelScript, then it shouldn’t be a specific JJ2+ feature. A custom character is partly that, as the sprites and behaviors of the rabbits can be changed only after the player has selected an existing one from the menu.

I have no idea how much work it is to hack a fourth character into the game. And even if coding isn’t the biggest obstacle, drawing all those animations certainly is. Perhaps that coveted playable Devan is your best bet since it has sprites in place for most player actions. :P

ionut00 on 9 Feb 2018 at 16:14

Razz should be added, he was long ago scheduled to be released in Jazz 2 but for some unknown reason he was not. Razz is the best character to play

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