All Elections to be held in Jazz 2

1 Apr 2024 at 08:13
Puke Social

In an unprecedented development announced globally via Fortnite video, all elections at all levels in all countries will now be held entirely within Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Votes may be cast by scoring points for the blue or red teams.

To aid in identifying which party, candidate, position, etc. corresponds to which team, the following tests have been proposed:

  • Who is more associated with blue, and who with red?
  • Whose positions are more ideologically associated with the left side of the level, and whose with the right?
  • Who prefers bouncer powerups, and who prefers toaster powerups?

Certain elections may limit use of the !swap command to up to a certain number of days in advance. Please consult your local laws for details.

Certain precautionary measures are being put in place to ensure high quality voters. For example, players on the opposition team in One Silver Penny will have to pay more coins to access the carrot. Meanwhile, players with certain fur colors are more likely to get automatically kicked for Hacking/Cheating.

Scoring points in the Bank Robbery gamemode will cause players to be arrested for voter fraud. Other non-CTF gamemodes are not recommended at this time, as the legal details are still being worked out; however, election officials stress that this limitation should have zero impact on current players.

- Violet CLM


kn0b010ck5m0th on 2 Apr 2024 at 17:21

literally unprecedented

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