12 Feb 2007 at 09:21

k cooba

Favorite JJ2 Upgrade?

1.23+ XMas Release – 35 Votes (42%)

Carrotade – 30 Votes (36%)

Other (I am a hoarder) – 19 Votes (23%)

Total votes: 84

I have no useful or fascinating comment to insert here. Also, I haven’t downloaded either one. :|

Next up we have the first poll I could think of: Favorite Jazz character portrayal? Through different games, Jazz has also been different… in JJ1, he took full advantage of his cartoon background in the cutscnes, combining wacky antics with determination, plus his original motivation portrayed in the manual’s comic. In JJ2, his interaction is mainly limited to Eva and Spaz. Etc. Which was the best?

- Violet CLM


n00b on 12 Feb 2007 at 21:40

Guilty Gene? All he’s done in that is jump around in the flashbacks and get captured, how are we supposed to base his portrayal on THAT? “I like the Jazz in Guilty Gene because his pose is cool!!” Really, it should have just stayed at “other”.

Since Violet has already done a good analysis on the JJ1 Jazz, I’m not going to tackle that.

If you ask me, the JJ2 Jazz in the comic and ingame is pretty much the same as JJ1. The cutscenes portray him a bit differently.

In JJ3d, you could mend any personality to Jazz since all he says is “Ow my head, where am I? I need to find my children! But first, I need to find out where I am.” when the SP campaign is started. Ingame, Jazz is definitely reflective of the player moreso than in other games in ways that are kind of hard to explain, but involves the ability to shoot at NPCs and send them running in fear. Also, his voice is missing something from his JJ2 voice, but I haven’t been able to come up with a term to describe it.

In JJA, Jazz is somewhere inbetween his JJ1 counterpart and Han Solo. He spouts one-liners off much like his JJ1 counterpart would, but is more soldier esque than the old Soldier of Fortune he once was.

We really have nothing to go on for the JJ3 – Pimp Edition, once again making me question it’s inclusion. However, Cliffy once described Jazz as a batman esque character in the possible sequel. If that is still the case, although it probably isn’t given the more recent “Super Pimp” description, we can use Papernik as a slight projection of how Jazz might be as a batman-esque character. However, given Jazz and Donald Duck are completely different in the personality department this may not give any real results.

All in all, I prefer the Jazz in JJ1, and the JJ2 comic. So JJ1 “series” (wtf?) is the best option for me.

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