Jazz2Online IRC Channel

6 Dec 2004 at 02:17

We have set up an IRC (chat) channel devoted to J2O and the JCF. You can ask questions and discuss issues, and the administrators or other users in the channel will try to answer.

The channel is #jazz2online on Quakenet. You can access it by connecting to irc.quakenet.org with an IRC client (such as mIRC) and typing “/join #jazz2online”. You can also use the web client and after connecting to the server type “/join #jazz2online”.

This channel will be most useful because you can often get an immediate response rather than waiting for replies to a forum post or private message. For general discussion, please use the channel #jj2.

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Nimrod on 6 Dec 2004 at 18:37

Good idea, but I agree, lets keep general jj2 chat to #jj2 ;)

White Rabbit on 6 Dec 2004 at 20:33

I think we might need this channel. The line between JJ2 and the real world is getting fuzzier by the day over at #jj2. If the J2o and JCF channel is what I think it is, there will finally be a haven for those that want to talk about JJ2 rather than random, abnormal stuff over at #jj2. ;-P

FQuist on 7 Dec 2004 at 01:39

WR: It’s for J2O/JCF related discussion only, actually.

spejsboi on 7 Dec 2004 at 16:10

A real channel related JJ2 will be better. =p #jj2 is for general community talk, and when you talk about the game, the ops tells you to shup or just ban you, etc. =/

DanYjel on 7 Dec 2004 at 16:53

it’s for nothing foos

Tik on 7 Dec 2004 at 23:46

When the crap have any of the ops ever punished people for talking about jj2? If you want to discuss jj2 then go in and try to start a discussion.. it’s why the channel is called #jj2. The thing is that talking about jj2 and only jj2 gets boring extremely fast. But we still will discuss it.

Violet CLM on 7 Dec 2004 at 23:54

And if #JJ2 is too off-topic, there’s always #JCSTalk…

White Rabbit on 11 Dec 2004 at 00:12

@Spaztic: You’re probably just saying that because you’re on of the ops at #jj2. Evilmike kicked me out of the channel JUST for using monobot gip. :-( Sometimes I get a temporary ban just for giving jj2-related links. :-(

SlaYo on 11 Dec 2004 at 04:55

Im sure that the non-ops could agree on the fact that they have never seen anyone been kicked for talking about the game. The people that usually are kicked were kicked for a very good reason and then later say that they were banned for a different reason just because they like to be annoying. Good try, really.

blurredd on 11 Dec 2004 at 13:45

I think that in the past, people might have been kicked off for trying to force a JJ2 conversation, sometimes through constant complaining. I doubt anyone has been kicked solely because the Ops there didn’t want any JJ2 chat, even though the game itself just happens to be one of the least popular subjects. However, you can’t really deny that previously some people had been kicked off the channel for virtually no reason at all (take Spaztic’s random kicker program for example). But I’ll just assume these practices don’t still take place today.

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