JDC Season 13

7 Jul 2007 at 21:46

JDC Season 12 awards have been posted. Not even a year late! The delay is all my fault. :)

JDC Season 13 is coming soon. We’ll keep this post updated, we should be started pretty soon. And get started on the logo contest, there will be more details on the JCF.

- Bobby aka Dizzy


drmooCSW on 8 Jul 2007 at 01:10


TheKax on 8 Jul 2007 at 09:00

Jeah. Gotta be more active on this season. Got none games last year. Woargh. I’ll really start battling this year, watch out champs! The reason for no battles last season, because I joined the JDC just before season was over. :D

cooba on 8 Jul 2007 at 11:43

Awards Summary: Vegito Vegito Quickz Vegito Quickz Vegito Quickz Quickz Vegito.

Vegito on 8 Jul 2007 at 12:58

HAha. oh my.

The Emperor on 8 Jul 2007 at 15:07


Grytolle on 8 Jul 2007 at 17:46

I got awards too Cooba!!!!!11 (however only one of them was any cool)

Anubis on 13 Jul 2007 at 22:41

Oh no my first award :o

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