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2 Sep 2007 at 14:29
August’s Featured Download

Substracted Space by Birdie

This month’s featured upload is Birdie’s new CTF pack, Substracted Space by Birdie. The pack comes with 6 levels.

Sub Junction 3 has a few interesting things about it. One of them is the base placement. The bases are placed in a ‘cross’ and you can get the flags from two sides. The tileset used is J2LC Alien Space Lab, and the eye candy is the best I’ve seen with this tileset so far. Although the level is asymmetrical, it’s still balanced. The level has warps too, and it’s not so easy to learn. Ammo placement is nice, and there are some bananas added to fill things up.

Fluid Surface Oscillator is another assymmetrical level, with a twist: you need to be frozen in order to get to the flags. Only if frozen will you be sucked up by the tubes. This makes the bases hard to camp, although with Jazz you can have some fun by using copter ears from the top. This gives you time to get ready to score for a few seconds, but can also be used for defense. The level is easy to learn due to its pretty simple layout and the eye candy is good for the tileset.

Temple of Hakkar! is a huge, almost symmetrical, level with a tileset that’s hard to use. The bases are placed in the mid-air, and there are two ways to each base. The level is pretty dark, which is why a light version is included as bonus. The tubes at the bottom and sides are useful, and the eye candy is good – especially the eye candy at the bottom. With 3 Power-Ups, 1 Full NRG and 2 +1 carrots this level is pretty fun to play.

Torch Wood is another unsymmetrical level boasting a 15 second shield. The level is special: there is a Full NRG carrot and it can only be retrieved when you have the shield. Entering the warp in the middle will lose you 5 seconds due to a construction with hurt events. There are 2 +1 carrots too, and the level makes use of MCEs. The level is smaller than the previous levels, but it has 3 Power-Ups as well. The eye candy is just good, not much to say about it.

SandBox makes use of wind events and pits. Additionally, it has a coin warp. 20 coins will enable you to get ready to score by warping to the ‘box’ above the enemy base. The level looks semi-symmetrical, and it has a few gun crates, 2 Power-Ups that are close to each other, coins, fly carrots, and great eye candy. There really isn’t much to say about this level, just see for yourself.

Wormhole Checkpoint 18C is the last level of the pack, and it uses an edit of JJ1 Battleships. The most interesting things here are the gravity and the bonus. If you are at the bottom of the level you will be warped and then the everything looks like it’s upside down. So if you jump you ‘jump down’ you have to play the level to know what I mean. Then comes the bonus. For 20 coins ‘you feel ethereal’ that means you can walk through walls. The bonus ends when you hit a base, and it lasts thirty seconds max.

This was this month’s featured download, hopefully next month we will have more great uploads.

This month’s runners up:

Runners up for this month were the unfinished Impressive Flashback and Ragnarok and DarkSonic’s level called Caves of the Arabic Ninja.

- DarkSonic


The Emperor on 3 Sep 2007 at 11:17

This was certainly the featured download this month. Good job, Burd. Mind boggling work. :]

cooba on 3 Sep 2007 at 11:55

I find it funny that this pack has been uploaded right after 1UP ;)

SPAZ18 on 3 Sep 2007 at 17:04

This is certainly a fantastic level pack. I played Sub Junction 3 online the other day and I really liked how the Flags were placed.

n00b on 4 Sep 2007 at 21:19

I agree with this level being the download of the month (fantastic job, Birdie!) but the unfinished flashback pack as a runner up? The tilesets and music are great sure, but most of the levels are dull.

cooba on 4 Sep 2007 at 23:24

Well, seeing as the pack was uploaded as a tileset pack..

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