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2 Nov 2008 at 14:09
JCF Thread

With Ragnarok’s Domination contest only just over, PurpleJazz announces a new level making contest:

Time to get into the Christmas mood for another year! To increase the spirit of the community, looks like it’s time for another contest. =P Here comes my 3rd annual contest, and this time as the name suggests the aim this time is to make the best Christmas/holiday themed level.

So, the goal is to create the best holiday-themed level. Deadline’s December 20th, so plenty of time for you to come up with something great. Check out the JCF Thread for the contest rules and other details!

- Stijn


CrimiClown on 2 Nov 2008 at 14:16

Count me in!

PT32 on 2 Nov 2008 at 20:42

You can count the winter dreams upload as my entry. If that’s all right. :)

Jimbob on 2 Nov 2008 at 21:38

I’d bet PurpleJazz came up with this contest idea just to help with my Christmas server that’s coming on the 20th. PurpleJazz is awesome!

PurpleJazz on 3 Nov 2008 at 22:18

@PT32: Only one level may be entered per person, so pick the level you think is the best from your pack.

PT32 on 4 Nov 2008 at 00:10

You can take whichever one you think is the best one. I would take the battle, but that’s just me.

Stijn on 4 Nov 2008 at 12:10

Then enter the battle level? :P

PT32 on 4 Nov 2008 at 22:06


Lark on 9 Nov 2008 at 07:59

Hey! What was the prize for Ragnarok’s contest? Nobody ever got back to me on that.

Ragnarok! on 9 Nov 2008 at 13:49

…Only Quickz will know. :)

FawFul on 10 Nov 2008 at 18:58

the price for contests should be that that level gets into the bash, or that it is going to be hosted several times in a jdc.. imo

Lark on 12 Nov 2008 at 07:45

Any good level can and should make it into bash and be hosted in JDC… that’s hardly a prize.

PT32 on 12 Nov 2008 at 21:49

We should start a new Bash pack…

FawFul on 13 Nov 2008 at 07:56

well, lark. I never made it to the bash..with the normal levels i made. but that is probably because it happened (or didn’t happen) a year ago..

Stijn on 13 Nov 2008 at 10:25

Well PT32, it’s not even near May 2009 yet.

PurpleJazz on 13 Nov 2008 at 11:29

The bash is in April iirc.

Stijn on 14 Nov 2008 at 00:54

well it’s not anywhere near april 2009 either is it

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