Lori Central requiring donations

26 Feb 2005 at 01:17

DrJones’ Lori Central was easily one of the best Jazz Jackrabbit sites around when it was still actively maintained, and it’s still a great archive with cool goodies. Now, for the Lori Central archive to remain alive, DrJones needs your donations. Just $35. Find out about the details here. The thread about the donations is here.

- Fquist


Violet CLM on 26 Feb 2005 at 22:48

Archive? Did DrJones approve this wording?

White Rabbit on 27 Feb 2005 at 15:14

Dr. Jones latest donation thread was closed, by him.

FQuist on 27 Feb 2005 at 18:36

It may be wrong wording. Until it’s updated it’s something of an archive.

GGG9 LR on 27 Feb 2005 at 19:29

The link to the Lori Central homepage are broken

Cazz NP on 3 Mar 2005 at 01:14

Yay, another doomed site. It will be a sad day when this one falls!

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